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There should be more about about the less well-known symptoms of Obsessive-compulsive disorder, things such as
  • hyper-morality (extreme black and white moral reasoning)
  • hyper-responsibility (feeling responsible for everything to a self-destructive degree, even feeling responsible for events which have nothing to do with you)
  • intolerance of uncertainty, (feeling very uncomfortable if you do not know everything about a given situation).
  • Excessive and persistant desire for reassurance
  • Extreme bouts of anger
Everyone who has OCD has it in a different form, so they might not show all of these symptoms but for others it can be a defining part of their illness.

I've had one obsession pretty much for 20 years now. Other things come and go but this one has been a constant, I don't know why some things get to us more than others, but it's all the same OCD rubbish. Stay strong, you can do this!

OCD attacks the things which are dearest to us — that’s why it’s so distressing. OCD sufferers are almost always morally scrupulous; we are torn apart by the obsessions because they are contrary to what we believe. Try to remember that. You’re not what you think, and you’re certainly not what you fear.

The issue with memories is that we can never truly be certain of what happened and that’s why OCD can take hold. Real event or not, OCD distorts and blows out of proportion anything that it can to keep you trapped in a loop. The more you ‘revisit’ a memory, the more it changes and the more ‘evidence’ OCD will insert to fit its theory to keep you arguing against it.

The thing is - we don’t need certainty on the past because it’s in the past. The person you were forty years ago is not the same person you are now and you cannot possibly gain certainty on it. By doing compulsions, you are ensuring that you are stuck in a loop of trying to prove or analyse something and therefore, keeping you in the nightmare.

Regardless of what happened, you are here right now in the present. You are allowed to live here and now and enjoy your day. If a thought starts with a ‘what if’, it’s never going to help. Hypothetical thoughts are just thoughts and don’t change anything...

The Man Who Couldn't Stop: OCD and the True Story of a Life Lost in Thought
by David Adam

“People who live with OCD drag a metal sea anchor around. Obsession is a break, a source of drag, not a badge of creativity, a mark of genius or an inconvenient side effect of some greater function.”

“To resist a compulsion with willpower alone is to hold back an avalanche by melting the snow with a candle. It just keeps coming and coming and coming.”

“It felt good to say those things out loud. It was a relief to free them from my head and expose them to the light.”

“I knew what I had to do. I had to ignore the thoughts, resist the compulsion, let the anxiety build, and then let it decay to extinction all over again.”

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