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  • How To Insert Images and Videos

    Reminder: We do not permit "hotlinking" to images on other sites. To reference an image on another site, you can provide a simple link (without using the forum image feature) or follow the instructions below.

    Still Images

    There are three ways to reference or display an image in your posts:
    1. Provide a link to an image on another website: Click on the link icon in the editor and enter or copy-paste the link to the image as a link.
    2. Upload as an attachment: Scroll down to and click on the Manage Attachments link below the edit box.
    3. Insert as an inline image or thumbnail: If you're not using the Enhanced WYSIWYG Editor mode (set this in your User Settings), click on the Switch Editor Mode icon at the upper right of the edit box to swirch into WYSIWYG. Then click on the Images icon and follow directions.
    To display an embedded video from common video sites such as Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Google, and Facebook,
    1. Obtain the link to the video from the site
    2. Click on the Video icon and copy the link into the space provided.
    Note that this does not upload the actual video to this site so it neither violates copyright nor takes up space on our server. It merely formats the code to embed the video from the site within your post. The actual video remains on and is served by YouTube, etc.
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    1. David Baxter's Avatar
      David Baxter -

      You can use the IMG BBCode to link to images on sites such as Photobucket if you have an account at one of these sites.
    1. Max10's Avatar
      Max10 -
      Manage Attachments <~ Where is this? Do not see it.
    1. David Baxter's Avatar
      David Baxter -
      Quote Originally Posted by Max10 View Post
      Manage Attachments <~ Where is this? Do not see it.
      Below the Quick Reply box, at bottom right, Click on Go Advanced. This will load the full editor. Scroll down to the bottom of the Full Editor and you will see the Manage Attachments button.
    1. Max10's Avatar
      Max10 -
      Must be my browser as I do not see not there. Using Firefox portable.
    1. David Baxter's Avatar
      David Baxter -
      You need to be in Full Editor or Advanced Editor mode first.

      1. From the Quick Reply editor

      Attachment 5267

      click on the Go Advanced button at lower right. You'll see the advanced editor window

      Attachment 5268

      Type some text in the text box there or your attachments won't post.

      Scroll down to

      Attachment 5269

      and below that Additional Options

      Attachment 5270

      Click on Manage Attachments there.
    1. Max10's Avatar
      Max10 -
      Posting Permissions at bottom says: You may not post attachments
    1. David Baxter's Avatar
      David Baxter -
      Oh yes... that's a security measure for new members. I've just promoted you to Full Member so you should see the option now.
    1. Max10's Avatar
      Max10 -
      I posted 5 images in the Member's Poetry, Art, and Photography forum. Check them out!