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Privacy and Security of Personal Information

This website does not sell, rent, or trade user information and will always strive to maintain high security to ensure that users' data is kept private and confidential within the forums.

We do not sell, trade, rent, or otherwise give your email address or any other personal information collected during your registration to any third parties. The information we do collect is solely to protect the security of you and other forum members, and is stored only in a secure electronic form.

We may contact you with occasional (rare) emails concerning issues affecting the Forum. You can elect to opt out of any such emails in your Account Settings.

The Forum generally sends out a weekly email newsletter informing you of new and updated forum threads. You can elect to opt out of any such emails in your Account Settings.

The forum sends out email notifications of new replies to threads in which you have posted or to which you have explicitly subscribed. You can elect to opt out of any such emails in your Account Settings.

This Forum uses temporary cookies for the purpose of enhancing your forum experiences, such as being able to differentiate between old and new threads, or posts that you have not yet read. When you manually log out of the Forum these cookies are deleted.

Account Removal and Banned Accounts

If a user who has posted on the forums wishes to leave this website, we will deactivate the account and set it so that s/he will receive no future emails of any kind from the Forum.

However, please note that posts will not normally be removed since this can disrupt the flow of threads and other replies to threads in which you have posted. We will only remove these posts if it could cause a serious problem to another person or to this website (e.g., unintentional disclosure of personal potentially identifying information). If this applies to you, please contact a Forum Administrator and we will edit or remove any affected posts or threads.

Users banned for blatant or repeated violations of forum rules, or for attacking or harassing other members, will not have their accounts removed and their information may remain on this website so we can attempt to limit them from registering again or should the need for further action arise. This is to maintain certain information in case of a legal liability issue.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, or wish to seek further clarification, please contact a Forum Administrator.

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