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Email Addresses

You must register on this site with an email address that is valid and active. Users whose email accounts bounce will have their accounts deactivated until this is corrected.

New users will not be able to post on the forums until they click the activation link sent to their registered e-mail address and the account has been approved and activated by the forum administrator. This is to ensure that the email account is valid and able to accept mail from this Forum.

If you do not see the activation email in your Inbox, please check to see if it has been redirected to your spam or junk mail folder. To avoid this in future, please add the email account to your adress book and/or email whitelist.

Number of Accounts

Only one account per person is allowed. Registering more than one account may result in a merging of recent and previous accounts at the discretion of the Forum Administrators, or in extreme cases suspension or loss of some Forum privileges.

Using BBCode in Posts

Using the Table BBCode

A table is simply made of some lines, where each line is a new rows. The columns within a row are separated by |.

So to construct a table:

     [table="head"]title col1 | title col2 | title col3
     content row1 col1 | content row1 col2 | content row1 col3
     content row2 col1 | content row2 col2 | content row2 col3[/table]

The "head" designation is an example of an option, in this case one that results in a shaded header for the column names.

Description of options:


This option defines the first line as head, so the first row is shown as head of the table. If the table sould be sorted, the head is not sorted.

autonum=1 (equal to autonum) autonum=a autonum=A

Defines that a new first column containing a numbering should be inserted.

     1 -> 1, 2, 3, 4, ... , 999, 1000, ....
     a -> a, b, c, ... , aa, ab, ... , zz
     A -> A, B, C, ... , AA, BB, ... , ZZ

width=123px width=45em width=67%

Defines the width of the table.

Customizing YouTube Videos

To modify the start time of a YouTube link, add #t=XXmYYs to the end, where XX is the number of minutes and YY is the number of seconds.

Example: If you want your video to start at the 5:45 mark, copy and paste the link into an e-mail like you normally would, and then add #t=05m45s to the end of it (making sure there are no spaces between the link and the extra code). Now, when anyone clicks that link, they'll jump straight to 5 minutes, 45 seconds.

Note: This does not work with the current forum Youtube or Video BBCode.

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