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Extremely popular app.


If you are only interested in the free/basic membership, don't forget to cancel ASAP from the free premium trial (or use a low-balance prepaid card.). Otherwise, one is charged an annual subscription of $70 after 14 days.

After you cancel the free trial, you still get the premium benefits until they expire after the 14 days.


The free version of Calm includes timed meditation options (in the 'Less Guidance' category found under the ‘Meditation’ button of the ‘Discover’ menu), Day 1 of all our multi-day meditation programs (such as 7 Days of Focus or 21 Days of Calm), one of our Breathing Exercises, and our Sleep Story titled Blue Gold (under the ‘Sleep’ button of the ‘Discover’ menu).

The app also has a large number of free scenes you can select from to play nature sounds and/or music in the background, on both the guided and unguided meditation. Four scenes are pre-loaded in the app and can be switched by swiping right on your screen, and the remainder can be previewed and downloaded for free by tapping on the mountain icon on the top left-hand corner of the Calm home screen.

If you complete the free trial and do not continue into a subscription, these free options will remain unlocked after the free trial ends. After completing the free trial, additional free options will be unlocked, including the 7 Days of Calm meditation series and a selection of Sleep Stories.

We've also created a page of content with free mindfulness tools to support our community. You'll find a variety of content from our product, breathing exercises, and journaling prompts to help you stay grounded.

The page includes materials for younger audiences. You can navigate directly to a selection of content from our Kids section here: Kids — Calm Blog

To increase ease of access, all of the meditations, Sleep Stories, and other sessions included can be played directly from the page. You do not need to log in or purchase a subscription to access this content.

Please feel free to share this page of content with your networks. For these resources in all our supported languages, please follow one of the links below:


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