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Forum Rules

Basic Forum Rules and Principles (Terms of Service)

The primary purpose of the Psychlinks Forum is to provide i8nformation to and serve as a support community for those suffering from various mental health issues and their friends and families.

The overriding principle of the Forum is to ensure that this is a safe place where all members show sensitivity to, respect for, and support for other forum members. In accordance with this policy, all new member registrations require a valid email address which can be verified or confirmed, as well as activation by an Administrator.

The following types of posts are expressly prohibited on this web site:

* POSTS THAT ARE ANTI-PSYCHIATRY OR ANTI-MEDICINE IN NATURE (there are other forums where you can engage in such debates -- this is not one of them). This includes posts that are inflammatory or likely to trigger alarm or anxiety in other members.
* POSTS THAT ADVISE ANY MEMBER OR PEOPLE IN GENERAL NOT TO TAKE MEDICATION PRESCRIBED BY A LICENSED PHYSICIAN OR NOT TO FOLLOW ANY OTHER ADVICE GIVEN BY A LICENSED PHYSICIAN OR OTHER MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL (remember that only the individual's physician or primary therapist is likely to know the full medical or personal or family history of that individual).
* POSTS THAT ATTEMPT TO DIAGNOSE ANY MEMBER OR TO DISPUTE A DIAGNOSIS GIVEN TO A MEMBER BY A QUALIFIED MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL (remember that only the individual's physician or psychologist is legally able to provide a diagnosis).

To avoid triggering other forum members, please also note the following primary rules:


Any and all advice provided on this forum is intended as general information for the membership and/or any visitors to this site and should never be construed as a substitute for or a contradiction of medical advice from your own physicians, who are in a position to know your full medical history. It should be emphasized that we do not provide online diagnoses at Psychlinks and we do not permit members to diagnose other members. Only a qualified physician or mental health professional (1) with the legal authority to diagnose and (2) who is in a position to evaluate your history and current symptoms can provide you with a diagnosis.

Additionally, please note that all members are expected to treat other members with courtesy and respect. Profanity, insults, personal attacks on other members, or harassment of other members in any form will not be tolerated and may result in being banned from the forum. The Golden Rule - Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You - is a good general basis for forum decorum.

Finally, please note that spam or blatant self-promotion will not be tolerated. Such posts will be deleted and will probably result in the member being banned.

Please ensure that you read the complete Forum Rules below before posting. Your use of this forum indicates that you have read, understood, and agreed to these rules and guidelines.

General Forum Rules

General Forum Rules & Privacy Statement
Registration at this forum is free. However, registration means that you accept the forum rules. The rules are not meant to be exhaustive and we reserve the right to edit posts and/or to take other action in accordance with the purpose and principles of the forum.

Please note that the moderators and administrators of this site are volunteers and for the most part are not medical practitioners. Any and all advice they offer is pursuant to their own life and professional experiences and should not be construed as medical advice on behalf of this site.

Although the volunteer Forum Staff of this website will attempt to monitor and remove objectionable content in the forum, it is probably impossible for us to review all posts thoroughly. If you find an objectionable post, please report it to forum staff.

All posts reflect the views of the author of that post. The owners of this website will not be held responsible for the content of any messages or information posted. By registering at this forum, you are agreeing to be held responsible for the information you add to the forum and that you accept and understand the basic forum rules outlined above as well as the general forum rules below:

E-mail Accounts
You must register on this site with an e-mail address that is valid and users whose e-mail accounts bounce will have their accounts deactivated. New users will not be able to post on the forums until they click the activation link sent to their registered e-mail address and the account has been approved and activated by the forum administrator.

Number of Accounts
Only one account per person is allowed and registering more than one account could result in all of a users accounts being suspended.

IP Changing Software
Software that shows you as using a different IP to your real one is not allowed nor is software that changes your IP to fake ones.

Abusing Other Members
Abusing other members of this website is not tolerated. Personal or targeted insults are not tolerated. Posts that are just insulting or nasty are not tolerated. Please report abusive posts or Private Messages to a Moderator or Administrator.

Arguments and Disagreements
If you feel a post is not correct or the actions or comments of another member have upset you, do not start an argument in the forums. Instead, send a Private Message or E-mail to the user and speak to them directly. Please do not question the actions of Forum Staff within the forums; instead, communicate via Private Message or e-mail. In the event of disagreement, Forum Administrators will have the final say.

Please note: While moderators and administrators will attempt to ensure that insensitive or abusive posts are removed or edited, and as stated above you are encouraged to report any such activity to Psychlinks Staff, you alone are responsible for your interactions with other forum members. Psychlinks reserves the right but is not obligated to mediate or solve disputes between you and other users of the forum.

Account Removal
If a user who has posted on the forums wishes to leave this website, we will deactivate the account. However, please note that posts will not normally be removed since this can cause other posts and threads to read incorrectly. We will only remove these posts if it could cause a serious problem to another person or to this website.

Banned Accounts
Banned users will not have their account removed and their information may remain on this website so we can attempt to limit them from registering again and should the need for further action arise.

See Posting Rules and Guidelines below for additional information.

Privacy Statement
This website does not sell, rent, or trade user information and will always strive to maintain high security to ensure that users' data is kept private and confidential within the forums. For further information, see Psychlinks Privacy Policy.

Posting Rules and Guidelines

Posting and Readability Guidelines
* Please try to use clear English with standard punctuation, capitalization, and paragraphs in your posts. Among other things, this will help you to get more replies to your posts and questions. Long run-on sentences with no breaks and no paragraphs are a lot of work to read and many members won't have the patience to persist to read the whole post.
* Avoid the use of "txt msg" formats such as "u no" and "ur problem" - not all of our members will be familiar with the conventions used in text messaging and it makes threads difficult to read.
* Do NOT post in ALL CAPS or in large fonts.
* Do not use nonstandard font sizes or font colors except for emphasis (i.e., don't use a nonstandard font size or font color for your entire post).

References required for all posted health information
Any and all health information posted which is not from your own firsthand MUST be accompanied by references as to the source of your information. This is required so that readers are able to evaluate the accuracy of that information.

Third party materials
All third party articles or excerpts must include full credit to the authors as well as a link to the original source. Please also ensure that you do not post material where the author has expressly forbidden reproduction.

Advertising and Spam
Advertising a website, product or service is not allowed unless permission has been given from the Forum Staff or in a specific forum with rules on the types of posts that can be made.

Malicious Content
Any member posting anything that you know may cause the computer or system of a visitor to experience problems will face an immediate and permanent ban from the forum.

Junk Posts
* Posts made must be in the correct forums. Specific forums are available for users to post off topic posts so please use them if required. Please try to remain on topic, especially in serious or informational threads.
* Do not post a reply simply to say thank you for a previous post in the thread. Use the Thanks button instead.
* Do not post when the only content is a smiley or a quote from another member followed by a smiley.

Multiple Posts
Posting the same information in multiple forums is not permitted. You may post something similar to another post if it has not been discussed or used for a reasonable time period.

Staff Edits to Member Posts
Psychlinks reserves the right to edit or remove posts which violate Forum Rules, including but not limited to posts containing potentially triggering details, anti-psychiatry comments, or otherwise violate Forum Rules.

Members who have incurred repeated infractions or who have posted content of a disturbing nature or content contrary to the Forum Rules may, at the discretion of Forum Staff, be transferred to a Post-Moderation usergroup. This may be a temporary measure or a permanent measure, again at the discretion of Forum Staff. For members placed in this group, any posts submitted will not be publicly visible until reviewed and approved by an administrator.

Banned Accounts
Serious or repeated violations of Forum Rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban from further use of this forum.

Registration and Account Activation

You must register with a valid e-mail address in order to complete your registration. Once you have completed your registration, your email address must remain valid so please remember to update it if you should change internet providers or otherwise change your email address. Members whose e-mail accounts bounce will have their accounts deactivated.

New members will not be able to post on the forums until they click the activation link sent to their registered e-mail address and the account has been manually approved and activated by a forum administrator.

Your Email Account

You must keep an active valid email account to maintain your membership at this forum. You can edit and change your email address in your User Control Panel Settings.

If an email notification sent by the forum software to your listed email account is "bounced", i.e., comes back to the Administrator, this is an indication that your email account is not active or valid. If this happens, your forum membership account will be set to Inactive and your forum privileges will be restricted until the email problem is corrected.

To correct this, go to your User Control Panel Settings and change your email address to a valid one. Then request an activation email. This will be sent to your email address. It will contain both a link and an activation code to reactivate your account. If you have any difficulty reactivating your account, please contact one of the Forum Administrators for assistance.

Please note that many free email accounts require you to log in at least once every X days. To avoid problems, please ensure that you log in to check your email for that account periodically.

Many email providers also have overzealous spam filters. If you do not receive your confirmation email make sure you check your spam folder or your spam filter settings as it may be being flagged as spam.

Please add to the Contacts or Address Book or "whitelist" for the email account you use for your forum membership. This will be the return address for email notifications and messages sent by the forum software. Alternatively, marking email from as 'not spam' will often avoid future spam filter problems.

Private Messaging and Visitor Messaging

Private Messages or PMs are just that: Private. They cannot be viewed by other forum members or forum staff, other than those to whom the private message is addressed.

Please do NOT use private messages to request advice or support from our moderators or administrators. First, Psychlinks staff simply do not have the time to reply to individual PMs. Second, part of the purpose of the forum is to share problems and solutions with other members. Trying to solicit advice and support via PMs defeats this purpose.

Instead, please post any requests for advice and support in the appropriate forums.

Do NOT try to spam our members via the PM system. That will result in an immediate ban.

Visitor Messages or VMs (messages that are posted on a members profile) are NOT private. They can be viewed by any other logged-in member. Please keep this in mind and avoid posting personal information you do not want shared with other members.

Additionally, please remember that the content of any VMs must conform in all respects to the rules of forums posts.

Member Albums and Privacy Settings

If you upload personal photos into your user profile, please be aware that by default they can be viewed by other forum members and forum staff.

You can adjust your privacy settings so that they can only be viewed by members you add as "Friends" or "Contacts".

However, be aware that even with privacy settings, forum staff can still view your albums. There is currently no mechanism in the forum software to block staff, presumably as a defense against members posting pornography or other objectionable content.

Ownership and Copyright

* All original posts and threads posted by members become the property of Psychlinks Forum, much like a letter to the editor of a newspaper. Members still retain the copyright to their original content (e.g., they can post the same content on their own web sites or blogs) but have in effect conveyed a license in perpetuity to use that content here at Psychlinks. Members can edit their posts for a limited time to correct errors or to clarify the intended meaning. When the time period for editing has elapsed, members may request that a moderator or administrator edit the post for further modification. We do respect the privacy of members and Psychlinks Forum will take action to protect that privacy at its discretion. If you have second thoughts or concerns about threads or posts that you have submitted, you may contact an administrator or moderator to have such posts removed. However, the decision as to whether to remove any posts will be made on an individual basis at the discretion of Psychlinks Forum.

* If you post material from any other source, either from an internet web page or from a source in print, you must give FULL CREDIT including the author's name, organization if appropriate, and a link to the original source. Otherwise, such posts will be removed.

* Please do not "hotlink" to images on other websites. If you want to reference an image on another website, please post only the link to the image: Do NOT use the IMG BBCode to display the picture in the post itself. Such posts will be deleted or edited. For more information, see the thread, Please do not hotlink to images on other sites.

There are two reasons for rule #1:

* First, it means that no one can take the personal posts of Psychlinks members and reproduce them without the consent of Psychlinks, which in such cases would also mean the consent of the member posting.
* Additionally, it means that members must understand that they are posting in a public forum, rather like the "Letters to the Editor" portion of a newspaper, and that others can both read and reply to what a member posts. This is, of course, the whole point of an online forum. Sometimes, members will ask that their posts or threads be removed. Often, we will honor such requests, especially where concerns about privacy are the reason for the request. But the rule is there to remind forum members that we are under no obligation to remove posts or threads, just as once a letter to the editor is published it cannot be retracted. In many cases, to delete posts would disrupt the flow of a thread to the point where the thread would become incomprehensible.

Avatars, Profile Pictures, Albums, and Other Images

All images uploaded to your profile, inserted into posts, or added to your signature must conform to the general Psychlinks Rules, must be tasteful, and must be suitable for a family-rated website.


* No nudity or sexually explicit images
* No depiction of violence
* No threatening images
* Animated images are permitted. However, please avoid animations that repeat at a high rate or involve "flashing" since in some cases these may be triggering to forum members with seizure disorders or related conditions.

Psychlinks reserves the right to remove or edit any images that violate these guidelines or are offensive in nature.

New Members: Restrictions on Privileges and Permissions

We have found it necessary to add certain anti-spam measures. New members are not permitted to include live links or images in posts. Additionally, new members cannot use "signatures" in their posts.

These restrictions are lifted once a new member has proved to be a member with good intentions, and the removal of such restrictions remains in effect as long as the member remains a member of this forum in good standing.

How soon your restrictions will be lifted is a function of several factors including number of posts, length of time as a member, and whether or not you have received any infractions for breach of forum rules.


All links in posts, signatures, member profiles, latest blogs, etc., MUST be to English language sites only. Links to non-English sites or web pages will be removed.

Links to sites or pages with information of dubious merit or accuracy or that make claims unsubstantiated by research documentation will be removed at the discretion of Psychlinks Staff.

Links to sites or pages with content that violates any of our forum rules or guidelines will be removed at the discretion of Psychlinks Staff.

Links to sites or pages with content that may be potentially libelous or may leave Psychlinks open to litigation by a third party will be removed at the discretion of Psychlinks Staff.

Psychlinks reserves the right to limit or remove links to outside resources or to other sites for other reasons at the discretion of Psychlinks Staff.

Signature Restrictions

* Please see New Members: Restrictions above.
* Signatures may include one (1) small graphic. Images must be tasteful and in keeping with other forum rules.
* Signatures should not include links to online pharmacies, anti-psychiatry sites, sites claiming non-supported "cures", adult sites, or other sites of questionable value or dubious content which are not in keeping with the rules and principles of Psychlinks Forum.
* Spam in signature links, as in other areas, is not permitted.
* Signatures may include links to the members own web sites provided they do not violate other forum rules.
* Links must be transparent. Shortened links or links that redirect to another URL are not permitted.
* Violations of signature rules may result in loss of this privilege or banning from the Forum.

Article Restrictions

All posted articles which are not the work of the member posting the article must include full credit including a link to the original source and the full names of all authors at the top of the post. Please abide by specified copyright restrictions and laws of fair use.


This website hosts Google sponsored advertisements and links as well as ads from other sources. We do not control the content of these ads, although every effort is made to avoid linking to advertisers who make misleading or dubious claims about products or services, or whose advertising contains any offensive material, or who use methods of obtaining identifying information about anyone without informed consent. Be aware that Psychlinks makes no implied warranty, recommendation, or endorsement of or for any of the products, companies, or services mentioned in advertisements on this web site, unless specifically stated otherwise. If you choose to click on any of the advertising links, use the same caution as you would in responding to advertising in any other medium. If you ever have any concerns about any of the advertising on this web site, please contact the webmaster and your concerns will be investigated as a high priority.

Our editorial content is not influenced by the funding sources.

Privacy Policy

Psychlinks fully respects and supports your right to online privacy and informed consent. Unless you choose to send email, we do not have access to any identifying information about any visitor to the web site. We do not collect any private, personally identifiable information about you surreptitiously. No personal information whatsoever is required or requested in order for you to access the information and services on this site. You may access this site in total anonymity if you wish. However, some of the features of the vBulletin software powering the Psychlinks Forum may not function properly or fully unless cookies are enabled. Other features require that your browser supports and enables javascript.

If you do choose at any time to send your email address or any other personal information via email or otherwise, be assured that this information will never be given out, sold to advertisers, or used for any purpose other than what you intend. No one associated with Psychlinks will ever contact you by any means, including email, except to respond to a question, suggestion, or problem with the website initiated by you, and any such responses will be limited strictly to responding to your comments or questions.

If you choose to register as a member of the Psychlinks Forum, you may receive automatic notifications via email of new posts in topics that you are "watching" or "subscribed to". All such emails include instructions for opting out of this feature if you no longer wish to receive them. These emails are generated automatically by the forum software if you choose to have that feature enabled; you have full control over whether you wish to receive these or any other types of emails from the forum software. There is also a weekly email newsletter sent to all members by default. Again,all such newsletters contain instructions for opting out of the newsletter via your member settings page.

Terms of Service

By posting on this forum, you agree to abide by the Psychlinks Forum Rules / Terms of Service.

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