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Thread: Noises

  1. Noises

    I'm having severe difficulty with the neighbours playing really loud music. I completely go to pieces when they do! Does this count as some sort of neurosis?

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    I don't think so. I think it counts as having very inconsiderate neighbors.

    I live in a house out in a rural area near a larger city, now. Part of the reason is to get away from other people's noise, cooking odors, etc., which seems to be an inevitable part of city apartment/condo living, unfortunately.

    Do you not have noise bylaws in your area, though?

  3. Noises

    Not really :( Everyone acts as if I'm being unreasonalbe when I want quiet :(

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    People who are making too much noise always feel that anyone who objects is being unreasonable... it doesn't make it so. You might double check the bylaws, too. Most places have bylaws about making excessive noise after a certain time of evening, anyway.

  5. Noises

    I have been going through this with my new downstairs neighbours. In fact, it was going on again just this afternoon! The music wasn't even really LOUD, just the thumping and bumping of the base notes is enough to set me off! I am anxious/angry for every second of it until it stops! Here in my area there is a bylaw which indicates they have to turn it down by ll:00, and even the most inconsiderate people USUALLY do. I complain to the superintendent of my building, then if it continues I call the police.

    I can't stand it either!

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    Yes.. those bass notes rumble right through the foundations. Very annoying because you often can't even hear the music... just that interminable thump-thump-thump sound...

  7. Noises

    Yes, that's exactly it!

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    See, you're not neurotic... just unlucky enough to have those neighbors...

  9. Noises

    Typical of my luck!

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    Yes, but luck does change... see Kanadiana's post to you in the other thread.

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