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Thread: suicide attempt

  1. suicide attempt

    I have suffered alot of misfortunes all at once; job loss, illness etc. and have felt there to be nothing beyond the horizon. I tried to commit suicide last Sunday and am still suffering from the injuries sustained. Where exactly am I supposed to go from here?

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    suicide attempt

    Yikes! Well, first of all, Emerald, does anyone realize that was a suicide attempt? Is your doctor or the local hospital aware of this?

    Where you definitely should go from here is to find an experienced therapist/counsellor and make an appointment as soon as possible -- talk to your doctor or to hospital staff about where to find someone. I have no doubt that things in your life feel completely overwhelming to you at the moment but it is amazing what you can do when you break down all those huge overwhelming tasks into small manageable steps -- any good therapist will be able to help you do that, as well as point you to other resources available in your area to help you.

  3. suicide attempt

    I went to see the GP about the injuries and she acted strangely, kept pressing me about why I battered myself ktl. So I have to go to the psychiatric clinic on Friday... don't feel too keen on drs and the moment.

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    suicide attempt

    Try to approach this with the viewpoint that the objective is to help you work out the problems you're facing in your life, not to annoy or punish you.

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    Re: suicide attempt

    Quote Originally Posted by Emeraldfire
    I have suffered alot of misfortunes all at once; job loss, illness etc. and have felt there to be nothing beyond the horizon. I tried to commit suicide last Sunday and am still suffering from the injuries sustained. Where exactly am I supposed to go from here?
    Hi Emeraldfire,

    Hey ... I know your song you're singing right now and I suspect you feel, right now, all the same ways I felt about 4 years ago when i did the same thing, because of the same/similar reasons.

    I imagine you're still feeling pretty stunned and shocked from all the whammies... too many major losses all at once... etc My issue that crashed me was physical, and I lost work, income, vehicle,home, self-sufficiency, relationships, self-respect, and hope. My future, as I understood it, meant a wheel chair soonandI was a single mom... with a lousy prognosis to care for myself and my teenage daughter ... my mind crashed too obviously. I was maxed out physically and mentally, figured my daughter needed me out of her way and needed better providing for ... suicide. I survived, thank god, but that was the beginning of a very very DEEP depression and down hill from there... for a long while. I'm only now recovering and the doc was wrong to give me the impression regards my health prognosis ... sad huh?

    My advice right now, is if the horizon looks bad, or non-existant, don't lookat it right now. The future will resolve itself. First try to stand still and have a look at things. Once you've been able to do that, THEN you can start figuring out where you want to go with things, and what you've got to work with.

    Just pull your focus right back to the here and now and look at what you need right this minute/time and try to get those things happening for yourself.

    Sounds like you need much "practical" help and/or advice right now and seeing some one would be a great way of trying to prioritize, as well as maybe considering asking your doc about things to help you manage the depression atc while you go through this hard part.

    I know how you feel about docs etc ... me too, but they hold the info and the prescription pads and referral powers for any meds or professional help that could ease you through for now.

    If you're anything like I felt back then, you probably don't have a lot of energy to cope and motivate yourself either. Do you have family or friends that are helpful and supportive who don't sit in judgement of you for the suicide attempt?

    One minute at a time...okay ... you'll recover again.

    Been there, Done that, Kanadiana
    Hugs from Kanadiana ...

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    suicide attempt

    Hi Emeraldfire,

    I hope you're still checking in here?
    You've been on my mind a whole lot ... I hate to think
    of anyone going through what I did alone, like I worry
    you are currently doing.

    How are you faring right now?

    Hugs from Kanadiana ...

  7. suicide attempt

    Not too well with the dreadful neighbours right now

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    suicide attempt

    Quote Originally Posted by Emeraldfire
    Not too well with the dreadful neighbours right now
    Hi. What's with the neighbors?

    I know it's probably pretty hard for you to squeeze out talking (I'm just guessing) I remember feeling like "what's the point" back then, when I didn't get the responses from people I needed :( Easier to just say nothing. And most people tend to get the heebie geebies when they know you've just attempted suicide.

    By the way, my own attempt wasn't an emotional storm impulse. It was very planned for about 3 months while I worked out details and took care of a lot of things and timed for when my daughter was visiting her Dad in the States and would be with him and her other relatives.

    I was completely serious that this was the "right" thing to do. A little extremist, huh?

    What do you need currently? What are the most important and pressing things?

    I know that "thinking clearly, or even hopefully right now has got to be hard, if not impossible for you.

    I'll be here off and on today but very soon will have to be accessing the net from library so I won't be on every day like I am right now :( But I'll b around when I can until I'm reconnected in a month or two.

    Hugs from Kanadiana ...

  9. suicide attempt

    The resident directly aboves me plays thumping loud drum noises perpetually which cause panic attacks. Mundane as it is, that is a most immediately pressing thing. Also employment prospects are at zero and I am most unwell physically. I am at the best of times a bad planner, but I have prepared an overdose of a medication along with an antihistamine.

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    suicide attempt

    All right. So you've prepared that option. Now put it away somewhere out of sight. There's really no rush to use it, is there?

    Go to your appointment on Friday, and then take it an hour or a day at a time... what do you have to lose? Your current option will always be there if you want it to be there -- why not wait a little and consider some of the others, even if you aren't immediately aware of what they may be?

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