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Thread: Help me

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    Help me

    Months ago I met the women who I feel in love with, deeply, we seem to have everything in common, so perfect, and yet too much in common. Depression has always been a terrible burden in my life, I am much to concerned with the impossibilities of human existence, the beauties and the devouring horrors of life. I found my beauty, my island, a place to hold perfect in my mind. Yet slowly as one does in a relationship, I learned of past pains, places where life had gnawed and cut its teeth on my beauty, my love. And the scars became more and more apparent. We talked the first day we became official, the scars were always there, always obvious on her skin, and now she hardly hides them anymore. Slowly as if waking a division of souls has been occuring; at one point she saved my life, and I saved hers, but I have began to slowly decay, her life, her scars the source of the rot rooting itself in my mind. I feel I need to let go, excavate what I can of her before Iím destroyed, but I cannot abandon her. I love her, I believe I will always love her, but what is going on is poisoning my life, and itís effecting me so wholly it has come to deform every aspect of my life. So with this background, how does one leave the one they love for their own good without causing more scars to rise? Because of my influence in her life the cutting has been infrequent and diminished. I am afraid to abandon her to her pain, she recently is starting at the cutting again, but I can hardly hold the weight I must bare to love her in this state of self-destruction. I am lost as to what to do, at best I would love to stand beside her in the storm, either to be devoured along side her, or to bear her out, but I cant see this as an option any longer, for my own sake, least I die. How can I escape this torrent without destroying the flower I once stood over in the rain, hoping to deflect at least some of the missiles (yet there is always the impending flood.)? How do I save myself from anotherís pain I selflessly (ha) and recklessly picked up? Is it really mine at all to have taken, or am I dreaming. Well I could write forever and in the end have said less then I have when I started, if any piece of since can be made please someone help me before I drown in the coming rain.
    (How is it that I sound like such a piece of ____ when all I want is to be sincere? I don't even know why I'm posting this maybe I am insane, maybe this is the wrong forum.)

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    Help me

    It's late, Kumo, so perhaps it's just that my brain is slow at the moment, but your post confuses me. You seem to be saying that you feel overwhelmed by your girlfriend's distress and/or behavior (cutting)... and you want to find a way to get out of the relationship without hurting her or worrying that she might "get worse".

    Is that about right?

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    Help me

    i guess thats what im saying, mostly i would rather not lose her, but what can i do in this situation i have run out of strenght

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    Help me

    One possibility is that the two of you find a couples counsellor who can help you learn to "filter" each other, set and respect boundaries, learn to communicate better so that you are less overwhelming to one another, learn to communicate in ways which don't trigger the other person, that sort of thing.

    Another is that you find a counsellor/therapist who can help you learn to get some emotional distance from her distress so that it is less destructive to you.

    A third is that you find a way to stop taking responsibility for what she feels and does. I'm not talking about becoming heartless or insensitive; I'm talking about understanding that you can not spend your life rescuing or propping up another person, her or anyone else, no matter how much you may care for that person. In the end it destroys both of you. If you leave in a humane and compassionate way, you can do what is feasible or possible to ensure that she has someone to turn to if she needs and wants help -- but it is up to her whether she wants to take advantage of that help.

    Does she have family, close friends nearby? You might, if you decide you must end the relationship, alert them in advance or immediately afterward so they can be there to help...



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