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Thread: Howdy, all!

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    Howdy, all!

    Name's Kim. I'm 42, the stepmother of a wonderful son, and a beautiful daughter, and grandmother to a couple of really cute and loveable rugrats. I was led here by a link in another forum I frequent.

    I suffered from depression for many years, but have finally beaten the proverbial wolf from the door. These days, I take things as they come and endeavor to mold them to my expectations only when possible. Hopefully, some of the things I learned along the way can be of help to others.

    I currently direct a non-profit organization that provides hospice care to the dying, and own a little business of my own providing transportation and support to the elderly and disabled. I love what I do, so I do what I love. :)

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    Howdy, all!

    Welcome, ThatLady...

    I love what I do, so I do what I love.
    I love that catch phrase, too... I may swipe it... ;o)

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    Howdy, all!

    Works for me, David. You're welcome to share! :)

  4. Howdy, all!

    Welcome to this forum! I'm around quite a bit, so I'm sure we'll run into each other pretty soon!



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