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    Waking Eye Phobia

    I have a phobia about waking up and there being a pair of eyes looking at me.
    I do not - i stress, DO NOT - have a fear of eyes, infact they are especially important to me. I find them the most distinctive and attractive feature of a person - what i notice first - and i believe they are the pathways to the soul; my doner card says they can have everything except my eyes. But i have a fear of waking up with eyes infront of me.
    I also have phasmophobia and do not like the dark - so i was wondering; does anyone else have this waking-up-to-eyes phobia, or is it just me.
    Also, could the three things; fear of the dark, phobia of ghosts and phobia of waking-eyes; be because of each other?

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    Waking Eye Phobia

    Also, does anyone know what its name is? 'Cus i cant find it anywhere

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    Waking Eye Phobia

    This page claims to be the Complete List of Phobias but isn't and doesn't have yours on it.

    This page talks about Opening Eyes Phobia, but again the symptoms are wrong for you.

    Another Phobia List here.

    I'll need to do more research on this one... we may have to name it "KK-Phobia" :o)

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    Waking Eye Phobia

    Whew, I understand. I have the exact same problem. I would say that they are all related. Has anything weird happened to you that would cause this fear?

    I have kids. Try waking up in the middle of the night to some hardly recognized figure staring at you. Oh, they never want to wake me up. I always do, though. Guess scaring the poop out of me is okay. Sheesh.

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    Waking Eye Phobia

    yeah, aren't kids the best for scaring the wits out of you :-)

    although i like the sound of KK-o-phobia; makes me sound important :-D

    no, i dont recall anything perticular happening to me - just that i didn't like waking up as a baby with people watching me (i'd scream the house down, apparently) - so its something i've had since early childhood (i'm talking like 9-12 months here).
    That and my family is a very mystical family - we're Christians but everyone has some sort of ghost story or some kind of run in with the paranormal; and for my grandma she (claims to have) lived with the paranormal for quite some time.

    Everyone in my family is ok with ghosts and the paranormal, and it makes me feel inadequate that i am afraid so much of the dark and need all the lights on in the house. I can stand the dark, dont get me wrong, but i prefer the light and the actual phobias become more pronounced in the dark - probably reinforced by this idea that in the dark lies the ghosts and the bogeyman (although we dont call him the bogeyman in England).

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    Waking Eye Phobia

    Quote Originally Posted by kk107
    although we dont call him the bogeyman in England
    No. In England, I believe he's called "Margaret Thatcher"...

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    Waking Eye Phobia

    Quote Originally Posted by David Baxter
    No. In England, I believe he's called "Margaret Thatcher"...
    ROFL... Lmao...

    Yes, yes. Very funny...

    You must be a miners grandson (as is me)...

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    Waking Eye Phobia

    No. Born a C ockney, son of a C ockney lad and a Yorkshire lass. I never knew my paternal grandfather and to be honest I don't know if I ever knew what my maternal grandfather did, other than talk a blue streak and drive like a maniac...

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    Waking Eye Phobia

    i never knew my maternal granddad either; but i'm surprised your granddad still has a licence - mine was lethal on the roads - taking his licence away was the cleverest thing this governement did...

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    Waking Eye Phobia

    He's deceased now, actually, but from what I recall of the roads around the Yorkshire moors, I'm not sure his driving style was any more insane than that of his neighbors...

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