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Thread: Is this OCD?

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    Is this OCD?

    I have this issue with counting in even's. It bothers me to see anything in odd numbers. I count how many letters are in words and drives me insane when I see a sign or something that does not have even numbers.

    Its like that with other things too. It can't be one, has to be two.... so on and so forth.

    I am picky about certain things. If one hair on my head is out of place, I get really upset. I will sit there and fix it for an hour if need be. I like things to be in a certain place, or I will cry or become angry.

    Its like this perfection, if its not the way I want it to be, I become like a robot to fix it. I find it draining sometimes. I often am aware of my breathing, I don't want to fall asleep before I hit an even number.

    Kind of strange, even when I write, odd amounts of letters bug me. See like (bug). I want to add an "s" to make it even. I feel kind of silly with this, but it makes some sense to me. As long as I can remember, I have been this way. As a kid, I used to count the polls we drove by, till my eyes hurt trying to keep up with counting. I got so mad if I were interupted with my counting.


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    Re: Is this OCD?

    Quote Originally Posted by haunting
    I have this issue with counting in even's. It bothers me to see anything in odd numbers. I count how many letters are in words and drives me insane when I see a sign or something that does not have even numbers.
    LOL That tickled me because I have the opposite. I like odd numbers and I hate even numbers.

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    Is this OCD?

    Too funny. Wouldn't we be a pair. Thanks for the giggle.

    So are you OCD? I have a hard time understanding some of this. I have never in my life told anyone about this. First time here.


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    Is this OCD?

    Boy is that opening up a can of worms. I definitely have Bipolar Disorder. I definitely have OCD symptoms. Whether it's by itself or from the BP, I have no idea.

    OCD for me stems from the need for control. I know that my symptoms go haywire when things are chaotic and I need control in my life. I clean, compulsively. Every little thing must be perfect.

    David should be able to give you a better answer than I could.

    Btw, thanks for not taking offence to the giggle. I was afraid you would think that I was mocking you but it really made me laugh because I understand!

    I need to run for now but I'll be back in a few hours. I'd like to continue this conversation.

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    Is this OCD?

    Yes, me too. It takes a lot to cause an upset with others explaining what they go through. Don't fret about that.

    Trust me, I had to giggle. I find it interesting to gather so many different views and perspectives. It helps look at the big picture; so if anything, I apreciate reading all of this.

    I will say, I suck at spelling. So I wil warn u all now; lol. Got to de-code my lack of spelling skills; makes it kind of fun. hehe.


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    Is this OCD?

    Is it an obsessive-compulsive trait? Yes.

    Do you meet the full criteria for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD)? Possibly. I don't have enough information to go on yet.

    Can OCD or OCPD coexist with other disorders like mood disorders or other anxiety disorders? Yes.

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    Is this OCD?

    Heh. I used to do everything in "fives". I'd dial a telephone five times before I let the call go through. I'd tie my sneakers five times. I knew it was obsessive, but I did it anyway. It's frustrating as heck but, over time, you can get control of it. Now, for me, it's only a memory. I hope that helps those of you who are bucking this monster. It is a monster that can be defeated with concerted effort and professional help. :)

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    Is this OCD?

    Thanks dear. That sounds amazing. Good for you!! I have days where it does not drive me so deeply, but other days it such a frustrating thing for me. I try to tell myself that I can't allow this to take over.

    I find myself somedays going so far with it, but can try to think my way out of it. If that makes sense. I know that I get mad when I am interupted when I am counting or fixing. My irritability hightens, then I feel guilty for snapping. So this brings hope for me and I thank you for this.

    Thanks ThatLady, this is good to read.


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    Is this OCD?

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatLady
    Now, for me, it's only a memory.
    Is it a memory that you replay five times? ;o)

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    Is this OCD?

    Hee! No, Dr. Baxter. I even beat replaying the memory of "doing the fives". Now, I just find it amusing to remember myself doing it. :D

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