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Thread: Psychiatric Service Dogs

  1. Psychiatric Service Dogs

    Psychiatric Service Dogs
    By Dr. Deborah Serani
    Thu, Jun 5 2008

    Did you know that Service Animals work with children and adults who experience psychiatric and neuropsychological issues?

    Psychiatric Service Dogs can enhance the life of many. Children and adults with ADHD, Autism, Asperger's, Anxiety, Agoraphobia, Depression, Epilepsy, Phobia, Social Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress, Tourette's, and the list goes on. There are many things a Psychiatric Service Dog can provide, like - - Need a reminder to take your medication? A Service Dog can aid in the task. Afraid to take the elevator - the Dog can help to push the elevator button and accompany you while you conquer your fear. Having a Panic Attack or Seizure as the picture above shows? The Service Dog will guard and protect you and bark for help. So many things...

    And remember, if you see a Service Dog, ask the owner if he/she is "working". Dogs can be petted and played with only when they are on a break!

    More Information
    Dr. Deb: Psychiatric Service Dogs

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    Re: Psychiatric Service Dogs

    This is so neat! We just got a rescue dog who is exceptionally sweet. Our vet is going to work with us because she thinks she will be a good "therapy" dog for the nursing homes in the area. Animals are really our friends....

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    Re: Psychiatric Service Dogs

    I agree Texas Girl. I am going to call that place I found to inquire on a Psychiatric Service dog for myself. I personally think I would benefit greatly from it and the dog would to, cause I would spoil it rotten as well

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    Re: Psychiatric Service Dogs

    Sounds like a good plan! I know Maddie (our new dog) is wonderful for me - and rescuing her was one of the best things I ever did. Good luck!


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    Re: Psychiatric Service Dogs

    Guelph, Ontario
    K9 Helpers - Training Psychiatric Service Dogs

    Thorndale, Ontario
    Baker Dog Behavioral Centre

    Apple Hill, Ontario
    Stalworth Kennels

    Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Colorado Service Dogs, Inc.

    Golden Kimba Psychiatric Service Dogs, Lafayette, CO

    Warren, Massachusetts
    American Poodles At Work

    Yankee Hill, California
    K9 Crossroads

    Scottsdale, Arizona
    Power Paws Assistance Dogs

    Maryville, Tennessee
    Wilderwood Service Dogs

    Kahuku, Hawaii
    Hawaii Fi-do

    Concordia, Kansas
    CARES, Inc.
    Address: P.O. Box 314; Concordia, KS 66901-0314
    Phone: (785) 243-1077 or (800) 498-1077
    Fax: (785) 243-1079

    Kuranda, QLD, Australia
    A.W.A.R.E Dogs Australia

    Taiwan Assistance Dogs, Taipei, Taiwan

    Samsung Assistance Dog Services
    310 Jeondae- Ri, Pokog-Myun; Yongin-Si, Kyonggi-Do
    Phone: 82 31 320 9222
    Fax: 82 31 320 8934

    Oberndorf; Austria
    Service in Austria and Germany

    I will add to this list if I locate more places that train Psychiatric Service Dogs.
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  7. Re: Psychiatric Service Dogs

    Thanks NicNak it is good to know this service is available to those who would benefit from a canine company. I know of some who would and i will pass this information on to them. mary

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    Re: Psychiatric Service Dogs

    One thing many people dont realize, is you cant register a psychiatric service or therapy animal without undergoing special training, if the animal provides emotional support and isnt required to perform any special tasks. I registered my animal and have not had any problems whatsoever taking her anywhere.

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    Re: Psychiatric Service Dogs

    Hi Atlantean,

    Can you provide more information as to how you registered your animal or with who? What was required? Was there a cost? Etc...

    Additionally, there is a difference between a Psychiatric Service Dog and an Emotional Support Animal, and the laws regarding each will vary.

    Some of our members may find your information valuable, Atlantean.
    ~ Allow yourself to be the light that the world so desperately needs. ~ Unknown

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    Re: Psychiatric Service Dogs

    I registered mine through the United Service Animal Registry (USAR) and the cost for the animal was $50 and to register myself as a handler was $20. You dont have to register ourself as a handler, I just did because I wanted to work with other animals. You get a card and stickers for crates and lifetime listing in their database.

    Here is their website:
    USARplus ~ United Service Animal Registry ~ Copyright© 2006-2009 ~ All Rights Reserved

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