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    Local couple's long ride chronicled in new book

    Local couple's long ride chronicled in new book
    Coquitlam couple Loretta and Marvin Wideen have recounted their cross-country bicycle ride in a book.

    By Laura Jansen
    The Tri-City News
    Nov 24, 2004

    Five years ago, they made headlines when they biked across Canada to promote awareness of schizophrenia.

    Now, Coquitlam's Loretta and Marvin Wideen have released a book chronicling their experiences on the road, including personal stories from people they encountered on their way.

    "Essentially, we found the ride a really opening and enlightening experience," said Marvin Wideen, who added that he and his wife wanted to leave a legacy behind.

    There is much more to this book than that.

    Their goal is to further the cause that they began in May 1999. Although schizophrenia is a prevalent illness among Canadians - one in every 100 is affected by it - the public knows little about it.

    Although there is the Schizophrenia Society of Canada, largely self-supported by family members and friends of people facing the illness, little is still known or talked about because of the stigma associated with it, said Loretta Wideen.

    "I was a nurse for 28 years and it happened to be the illness that touched me the most," she said. "We're hoping [the book] will hit enough of the general public and hopefully they will learn something about schizophrenia."

    The book, entitled Retired and Still Rolling: Cycling Across Canada, features segments on beginning your own cycling tour across the nation in support of a cause. The Wideens kept a diary along their journey and their son kept a website with current information about their progress. As they travelled, they gave cards to people they met and on the backs of their bikes were signs urging support of schizophrenia.

    Retired and Still Rolling will be available in bookstores nationwide starting this week.

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    Local couple's long ride chronicled in new book

    Coquitlam, eh? That's where Terry Fox conceived his dream of the cross-Canada run.

    Thanks for posting this, HeartArt

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    Local couple's long ride chronicled in new book

    I'm surprised they are promoting bike riding as a way to promote a cause because it doesn't seem safe, even by their own accounts:

    Marvin reports that sometimes they are within a meter of the truck, and when he watches it drive by Loretta it sometimes makes him wonder what he's doing on that highway riding a flimsy bicycle.

    Loretta describes it: You watch your rearview mirror all the time. You see the truck and hear the drone. As it is passing you, you hang on for all you're worth, hoping for the best.
    But I guess that adds to the attention-getting nature of it.
    "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Local couple's long ride chronicled in new book


    Yeah....yikes, not my idea of fun. Personally, I'd rather go for the bake sales or Art in the Park kind of things. :~}



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