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    I'm very new to forums but it's nice to know there are people out there to 'chat' to when you're feeling wary of the real thing!

    I'm looking to rebuild my confidence after a few years that have taken their toll on me. I live on the south coast of England with my little girl.

    I'm interested in finding out if anyone knows about the cognitive recovery of PTSD. I was bullied and intimidated by someone who's now become even more powerful and well connected. I still have to work and get on with life but I was told it could be a few years before my thinking skills and in particular my short term memory were back to normal. It's quite a strain at times but I'm getting there.

    Best wishes to all.

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    I just wanted to say welcome! :)

    Have you looked at the PTSD forums here? There is some good information there.


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    Welcome, Hope.

    Somehow, that statement seems appropriate in more ways than one.;)

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    Hi Hope,

    Welcome to the forum :)

    I've had issues with ptsd too that related to past abuses,
    early childhood, and older stuff, including commonlaw with
    a verbally and physically abusive man, then an emotionally
    abusive one for 14 years until last year. etc.

    Takes a while to learn how to pick better relationships.
    . Yes, it surely erodes will, and self inage and self-esteem,
    and takes time to gain self confidence and all get over
    all the kneejerk reactions and responses learned with the
    abusive relationships hey?

    But it happens... building of confidence and esteem ... and
    life gets better. I'm really glad to hear you're out of that
    bad relationship ... and its a real drag this person has so
    much power ... so asy to abuse that :( But you and your little
    one are the important ones for you. Building a different life
    can be scarey and exciting... in lotsa ways huh?

    I have friends in Southern England :) Southhampton area?
    Never been there, but will get there probably within the
    next few years. Also Normandy. My GGG Grandfather arrived
    from Westminster, London. a JOHN SMITH (roll eyes for doing geneology) grin

    Good luck with the restructuring and building :)

    Hugs from Kanadiana ...

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    Hello everyone

    Thank you for your welcomes and comments. I have been reading through the information but I've still a few questions. I had or am recovering from Complex PTSD but I haven't seen it referred as that here. It's the form suffered by people who've been bullied or stalked; slow and relentless rather than one big blow. The symptoms seem mroe or less the same though.

    I just wish I could get my thoughts and confidence back properly. It's like thinking through treacle sometimes. The main problem I'm facing now is that the people responsible for this just get more and more successful and confident. I'm a shadow of my former self but I keep saying it's temporary and I'll get back to former confidence eventually providing things don't continue.

    This all happened in my training school and as a result of their lies and actions I am now excluded from the school, from my peers and have to be really careful if I even try to organise something myself because of the horrible things that have been said about me. I've come across the ocean in the hope that I can hide and get help at the same time. If they find me doing this God help me!

    It just amazes me that people in the helping professions can be so cruel. The main bully is a woman but the man involved was my friend who despite his arguments to the contrary was having an affair with her the whole time. Hence the clash. He knows I haven't done anything wrong but he wont defend me or clear my name because of his loyalty to her. My main problem is my naivity. I am so easily persuaded that all is well and everyone is telling the truth I can be up to my eyes in danger and not be aware of it. I have been diagnosed with mild Asperger's since the PTSD happened and so things do make a lot more sense.

    I think I'm going to like it here. Just please bear with me about details about my identity I really am concerned they might find me here and things will get so much worse. I just dont know how much more I can cope with.

    Thanks again for your kindness.


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    That sounds awful, Hope.

    I found this site which might deal with the type of thing you're talking about:

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    Hi Janet

    Thanks. Yes Bullyonline have been great. I was helped so much by one of their representatives for a while when things were particularly bad. The dilemma I had was to report the training school or not. If I had done it would have got so very nasty. Even defending myself produced a tirade of threats. It would also have affected so many innocent people I couldn't do it.

    Can you believe that one of the people involved is an expert in bullying and anger management!

    But bullyonline is a wonderful resource and I can't recommend it highly enough. I'll keep reading the articles here though, it's a great site!

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    Welcome, Hope. We'll definitely do all we can for you, even if it's only giving you a shoulder to cry on.

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    thanks everyone!

    Thanks for your thoughts Ash. Already I feel so much better.

    The only other forum I know is attached to the training school I have the problems with so it's like walking on eggshells - behave or else! When you have Asperger's you can say things that don't come across the way you intended so it can be rather stressful!

    I like it here. I feel so much more free to speak! I'm off to explore the other articles. I'm a trained therapist I just need my confidence to come back and I think I'm in the right place to do that!

    Here we go.... x

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    Welcome hope, I'm sure you will find some of what you are looking for here. I do have a certain understanding of what it is like to be bullied. I was bullied extensively when I was in school (between the ages of 10-13) through the use of rumour an innuendo which completely destroyed my self-esteem during those years. Some of the rumours were so outrageouse that I could not believe that anyone would even find a grain of truth. Regardless, it took many years to put that to rest; these rumours would occasionally untill after I graduated from high school and was attending university! Anyhow, enough about me, I guess we have some common ground.

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