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    Help with overeating

    I really am not sure if this is the right section to be posting this in, but I did my best to select this one. I'm not even sure where to begin explaining but I'm just going to do my best at that too. I used to be overweight, but through a long span of attendences at Weight Watchers meetings and eating healthier, I lost weight. So much weight, to the point where I was slightly underweight. I returned to a healthy weight and stopped attending meetings. That was the beginning of the end. I started eating reckessly, feeling invincible due to all of the weight I had lost. Progressivley, I gained nearly half of that weight back. It took alot, but I decided it was necessecary to attend meetings again, and I did for a short while. I couldn't put my mind to it, no matter how hard I tried. I struggled with people telling me that I had done it once before, and I could easily do it again. I guess that just made the situation too pressure fueled and I stopped going to meetings. That was nearly two years ago. Last year, I joined Curves gym for women. I was so busy with my senior year, I could never make the 3 days a week, and eventually stopped going. I am 6' and currently weigh {{Edit: a specific amount}}. My BMI is {{Edit: high}}, I am overweight. I was very satisfied with my figure over the summer, I was not rail thin, but I was not {{Edit: a certain number}}. I was just very happy with how I looked. Once the idea of starting college set in, I have never been the same. I have developed seriously unhealthy eating habits. I will just give you a small sample. Today, I ate two oatmeal cookie smores, a half a dozen chocolate chip cookies, more than half a jar of olives, and excessive amounts of chocolate, all in secret. When it was halloween, I at an obscene amount of candy. The hardest part of this for me is that my mother is a registered dietitan, and yet I still cannot eat healthy. My brother found the jar of olives in my room today and just talked to me calmly about it. I guess that is what made me decide to seek help outside the realm of my family. I just get angered through stress and eat badly. When I am doing it, I know it's wrong, but I do it anyways. I am now no longer happy with my body. My clothes are beggining to fit too tight. This acctually makes me eat even more because I am so upset. I know this is going to catch up to me and I will have more problems than I already have. I am so consumed by school work because I am in an honors program that exercize doesnt even seem feasable. I get about 3 - 5 hours of sleep a night, not nearly enough. I dont know what I hope to get out of this, maybe advice, help... I'll take anything.
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    Help with overeating.


    I would suggest that you start keeping a log or journal of when you have urges to snack or binge: What was happening at the time (just before and in the 24 hours before) this happened? Who were you with? Where were you? What were you feeling (happy, sad, anxious, depressed, angry, frustrated, lonely)? What were you thinking, saying to yourself as you thought about eating? What else had you eaten that day?

    This is the first step in identifying the triggers or cues for eating... which in turn can help you figure out why you do it and how to alter the pattern...

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    Help with overeating.

    Thank you for your reply Dr.

    I can answer some of those questions now. Im always alone, I eat like this when i get home after class, before my brother and parents get home. I'm in my living room. More often than not, I'm not hungry. I crave the tastes of certain things (olives for example, I am practically addicted to them). I always think that I shouldn't be eating in that manner, that I will do better tomorrow, and that I can really fix it. I think that every day, and it is evidently getting me nowhere. Im usually sort of lonley when I eat like this. I miss my boyfriend alot and he is incurring some incredibly depressing times, which is affecting me as well. Im also ridiculously stressed out by school. I had eaten an omlette for breakfast (eggwhites and low fat cheese) and for lunch, low fat yogurt and tunafish with low fat salad dressing. Its like, I know its wrong, but I do it anyway. I dont know why I cant just stop.

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    Help with overeating.

    That's a start... maybe dig a little deeper into specifically/exactly what it is you are feeling, thinking, saying to yourself at these times.... You miss your boyfriend; you're worrying about him; you're feeling stressed about school -- and then what? What do you think/feel/say to yourself after that? What is it you are "stuffing down" with food?

    The other point I'd like you to think about is deprivation -- how much are you enjoying eating those eggwhites, low fat cheese, low fat yogurt, tuna fish? Are you spending a whole day or longer eating "good" foods you don't like and then giving in to craving for "bad" foods?

    Weight Watchers worked once for you -- why do you think it did that first time? One of the things that makes WW more successful than most is that you're not forbidden anything -- you can eat what you want as long as you recognize what the "cost" is and compensate in some other way for that "cost".

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    Help with overeating.

    Thank you for your quick response!

    I will make sure to take note of the way I feel when I begin to indulge. As for the food I eat during the day, while I do enjoy the omlettes, I have a hard time handling lunch. The tuna is okay once in a while, and the yogurt gets old fast. I tried to eat salads more, getting the Mc donalds grilled chicken salad, but using my own dressing at home. That gets rather pricey and I can't afford that. Do you have any lunch suggestions? All of my classes end before 12:35 so I have alot of time to eat when I am home.

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    Help with overeating.

    All of my classes end before 12:35 so I have a lot of time to eat when I am home.
    That might be another clue... if you weren't eating, what would you be doing? Is this different from what you think you SHOULD be doing? In other words, what does eating taking you away from or help you to postpone? Would it help if you spent more time outside of the house, like in the library at school or something?

    The general point is that certain feelings, thoughts, situations are controlling your eating behavior. The key is to become more aware of what those are so you can take steps to change them.

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    Help with overeating.

    When I eat my lunch, I sit on the couch and watch TV. Im basically delaying starting studying. I never thought of that until I concentrated really on my afternoon habits. Im not used to having that area of my life so freed up timewise, so I get pretty mindless about eating. This small interaction has had a drastic effect on me. I came to realize a huge part of my ability to be incapable of stopping my overeating stemmed from the privacy of it. It was so hard for me to type this all out, but in doing so, I was able to talk to both my boyfriend and my mom about it. They both say that they will support me and just want me to be healthy. I guess I just admit something was wrong to somebody else other than myself.

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    Help with overeating.

    That's great, Ally -- you've gained some insight into some of the factors controlling your eating and you've opened up to your mom and your boyfriend -- that's a pretty big step for one evening!

    Continue to explore these factors in the next few days and weeks...

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    Re: Help with overeating.

    I hope it is okay to reopen this thread, i mean, its really old! I am in a really low place in my life right now and i dont know where to turn. I really turned myself around since this thread. i am now a junior in college, and things seem to be going really well. i have lost 76 pounds over the course of a little over a year. i did it in a seeminlgy healthy manner, 3 meals a day, thats it, no snacks. lately, ever since new years, i have had AN INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF TROUBLE maintaining my diet. i'll binge one night to the point where it hurts to move, and then get depressed over how i am sabotaging myself and all of the worl i have done. i just did it again tonight and i realized that this has got to stop. every time i do it, i claim that it will be the "last time" and i wont ever let it happen again. i tried to do something positive about this situation and talk to my parents about it, and they want me to see a therapist. i mean, i dont want to do it, but i dont know if i can continue on like this. i consider myself a strong person, but i dont know how much longer i can allow this to continue. i just cant seem to control myself. like, i know what i will be doing is WRONG AND i know how i SHOULD be behaving, but its almost as if i zone out and just EEEEAAAAATTTT and am able to block out the feelings tht should be preventing me from eating crazy like i have been. i used to just snack around the house, now i am actually seeking foo docmfort outside of the home. i dont want to see ,myself loose all of the hard work i have put into this diet. i need to be able to learn to sucessfully monitor myseflf.

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    Re: Help with overeating.

    You say your parents want you to see a therapist. How do you feel about that? It might well help you to identify your personal triggers for binge eating, what feelings or stressors you are trying to avoid or push away by eating, what cognitive distortions (self-talk) you are using to tell yourself you "need" to eat, etc.

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