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    Re: EMDR: Taking a Closer Look

    Quote Originally Posted by Murray View Post
    I am a bit of a skeptic too and am not sure if EMDR works because of the bilateral stimulation. I sort of think that the act of following the object with my eyes while I am trying to think about something just distracts me enough to let down my defenses a bit or something like that. I am not really sure, but it does seem to work.

    Yes. That has been the evidence to date - a combination of suggestibility and distraction. All the rest is a nonessential means to an end.

    But that's rather like hypnosis. Some people are helped; others aren't. Why is that? The answer is important theoretically and to enhance our understanding of what and why things work in therapy, but if you are trying to quit smoking or overcome public speaking anxiety or the like, do you really care why it works as long as it works?

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    Re: EMDR: Taking a Closer Look

    I really hate the thought that I am just suggestible, but sadly it is probably true. You are right though, as long as it is working for me I don't need to know why. I think that the less I question the workings of it the more likely it is that it will keep working for me. Pretty pathetic, huh?

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    Re: EMDR: Taking a Closer Look

    It's not pathetic at all. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    Re: EMDR: Taking a Closer Look

    I have a hard time believing it is suggestive, because of the physical effects I experienced. No one "suggested" I would become light headed, or pale. Those are factors that indicate something, while we may not know what, happened.

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