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    Question about back and leg pain

    The last 4 or 5 days I have had this terrible back and leg pain. I can't think of what could have caused this. Anytime I stand or walk the pain shoots down my legs and makes them feel like they are going to give out.

    I still have some pain while sitting but I can't just sit here. My kids are busy little ones, I can hardly let them fend for themselves. And they are starting to feel better so they are into everything; lolol.

    I do get pain at times in my side. Only in the right side though. Just wondering if I maybe pulled something. I did fall on Christmas Eve. I was gathering gifts to bring them downstairs and tripped on my mess (I left to much wrapping for the night before). But if anything I laughed cause my bf had just said not to take so much in my arms or I would fall. I had made a remark back (joking) about being "super woman". Then like 3 seconds after I fell. But it did not hurt. So maybe I just pulled something.

    My other thought is if this could be related to kidneys. I can't find very much info on kidney problems on the net. So I am unsure. (Not to be gross but my urine is brown). I know that could be just lack of fluids.

    Thanks for listening,


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    Question about back and leg pain

    The pain you're describing sounds more like it might be nerve related, hon. However, the dark urine does indicate a problem. It might be indicative of dehydration, yes. That's easily solved. Just increase your fluid intake...juices, water...not coffee or tea. Cranberry juice is particularly good, as it acidifies the urine. That helps fight bacteria.

    If you've been having this pain for several days, it's probably time to have a doctor check it out. Pain is an indication that something's wrong somewhere. If we ignore the warning, the problem can get worse.

    Hopefully, it's nothing serious, but do have it checked.

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    Question about back and leg pain

    I tried to get into my chiroprator today but he was really busy. I made an appointment for Friday. I will live till then; lolol.

    I must have pulled something when I fell. Its amazing how it does not hurt when you do it then you feel it later. My doctor is not back for a while yet, so I will try this first. I can hang on until he gets back if this does not work.

    Thanks ThatLady!!!




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