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    Girlfriend cheated on me

    Well my g/f cheated on me and im not sure what i should do about this.
    We have been dating for a little over a year and a half, and to my knowledge this is te first time she has done this. She had also told me she cheated on her ex previoulsy and told him too. But then she ended up doing it again and leaving him. Her reason for leaving him is that she didnt love him. They were dating for five years starting right before she was 16 and she said she was just too young to stay with him becauser they got together so young. She told me she was really sorry and she doesnt want to leave me, or me to leave her and that she still loves me. Also she has brought up marriage with me a few times before this occured and i have always told her i dont want to get married and she said taqt could be possibly the reason why she doubts about our relationship. I was never really serious about not marrying, I would like to marry her someday I just didnt want her to get her hopes up too early. The worst part about this is that when she told me i ended up slapping her, and dont know wat i should do about this. Also i dont know if she will do it again even though she has promised it wont happen again. I just dont know if I should stay with her because I really love her and cant picture myself with anybody else. But maybe someone can help me with this and give me some insight on what I should do about this.

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    G/F cheated on me.

    There are a number of resources on moving on with a relationship or without it after an affair. Have a look at some of these: Google search for 'after the affair'

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    Re: G/F cheated on me.

    we have a saying here' a dog catch sheep once,itwill catch sheep again''that is a fact that every sheepfarmer will tell you.
    my ex walk out on me and my children and then from her boy friend to a new one and then from her fiance to a new one enc.

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    Re: Girlfriend cheated on me

    I am on the opposite end of this... Im starting to relaize that people who cheat are not happy with thereselves.

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    Re: Girlfriend cheated on me

    Typically I leave them in the dust based on principal rather than sit around paying for mistakes not made by me, but on the other hand if you can't forgive and are a perfectionist life gets real lonely at times.

    Many times people will cheat or think about it during a misunderstanding and during a major fight or when they have a general dissatisfaction with a current relationship.

    Most of the time these couples end up severing the relationship permanently because of communication breakdown or because of distrust and lies.

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    Re: Girlfriend cheated on me

    Once a cheat, always a cheat... You cant trust a cheater and you have no relationship without trust..

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    Re: Girlfriend cheated on me

    Isn't that very judgmental to think that people can't change? Just because ssomeone makes a mistake doesn't mean that they are for sure, definitely going to keep making that same mistake over and over.

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    Re: Girlfriend cheated on me

    That is true in some cases, but only if the person has the ability to tell the absolute truth, if they can't and hedge or can not express what is really going on and have the need to hide relevant facts about their life and history I would say that person has not or will not ever change.

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    Re: Girlfriend cheated on me

    Exactly my point. If the person is able to own up to their mistake and tell the truth it does not mean that they are going to make the same mistake over and over and therefore live up to the "once a cheater, always a cheater" label.

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    Re: Girlfriend cheated on me

    I agree. In general, if someone sincerely wants to change, change is possible.

    The reason many, perhaps most, cheaters cheat again is because they don't really see anything wrong with what they're doing and they have no genuine motivation to change.

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