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    Re: 10 Bipolar Disorder Self-Help Tips


    Do you normally take the Wellbutrin in the morning or at night? It might be a possibility to switch it to mornings if you are taking it at night currently however I would suggest talking to your doctor for sure.

    Either way, I hope that you get the medication/sleep issue resolved and you can catch up on your much needed rest.

    Added: Obviously David and I think alike, he just typed faster

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    Re: 10 Bipolar Disorder Self-Help Tips

    Hi Stargazer,
    I take wellbutrin as well and I have some sleep issues, I wake up alot during the night. Maybe your sleep or rather no sleep issues are a side effect

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    Re: 10 Bipolar Disorder Self-Help Tips

    That's the program my therapist is suggesting. My hesitancy has been along the lines of the transportation problem I will have in getting to the office where these people are, from where I am now. But that's probably a relatively small problem in the greater picture. Also, the fee will probably be less than the fee that California Check Cashing takes whenever I go there to negotatiate my sister's check, which is drawn on a credit union that is local to her vicinity, but that doesn't exist in mine. Me, not having a checking account of my own, therefore have to go to a place like CCC to cash the check. They take 4% plus a $3 fee, which amounts to more than forty dollars. I hear the Fee-For-Service payees only take $25, so that would actually be better.

    In any case, the sooner I let my sister off the hook, the better things will be.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel View Post

    My reservations would be that when it comes time that you want to move out, the landlord may start getting ideas about "security deposits" or, similarly, want compensation for the condition of the carpeting, etc. Also, it doesn't seem like a very long term solution if you don't plan on staying there for more than a year.
    I hadn't thought of that. It's a good point. I've been scared of certain conditions I might have left anyway, and a landlord is always on the special lookout for such things, being as they have a need to rent the room once more.

    Also, I'm not even sure I'm going to stay here more than another month, much less a year. It's a constant question in my head. She's not very easy to get along with consistently, and she seems to demand more from me than a simple landlord-tenant agreement. I often leave the house after lengthy argumentative conversations with her, totally hassled. She seems to thrive on dissonance. The sense of chaos is almost too much for me, when there's enough chaos in my head to begin with.

    SHe's the type of person who seems intent on disagreeing with you, whether she's actually heard what you have said or not. It honestly zaps me of all my energy sometimes. But then, if I avoid her, she picks up on that, too; and is offended. So she's even more nasty when I run into her after long periods of isolation. Suddenly, it's BAM BAM BAM!! - She lays into me with a good weeks' worth of criticism at once.

    At those times, I react reflexively. My voice quivers, my hands and fingers start shaking, my breathing becomes difficult. And she seems to enjoy it. I keep thinking, given all factors - especially a non-ideal location for a non-driver - there has got to be as more ideal place for me to live.

    On the other hand, I've been homeless five times in the past five years, and I'm lucky to have a roof over my head at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by David Baxter View Post
    It may help to take the Wellbutrin in the morning instead of afternoon or evening.
    That occurred to me as well, but I wanted to speak with the doctor first. However, I tried it anyway, and last night (the second night of taking the Wellbutrin only in the morning), I slept like a rock, solidly, for at least six hours. So, I'll call the doctor, and maybe she'll agree.

    Quote Originally Posted by Halo View Post
    Obviously David and I think alike, he just typed faster
    Or rather, he typed "sooner." I have no idea as to an actual wpm comparison. I do know that my own wpm is a bit too fast for my own good sometimes.

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    Re: 10 Bipolar Disorder Self-Help Tips

    I spoke with the hospital psychiatrist, and she said that I'm not supposed to take the wellbutrin at night. She said that, since it's time-released, I'm supposed to take all 300mg in the morning. The only reason they had me taking it twice a day at the hospital was because they didn't have the time-released tablets. And even then, the second tablet was supposed to have been taken at four in the afternoon.

    It will work better this way. I slept eight and a half hours last night, in fact, which is unheard of.

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    Re: 10 Bipolar Disorder Self-Help Tips

    I am glad to hear that you got that sorted out and are getting some much needed rest

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    Re: 10 Bipolar Disorder Self-Help Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer View Post
    ...I slept eight and a half hours last night, in fact, which is unheard of.
    That's wonderful stargazer!

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    Re: 10 Bipolar Disorder Self-Help Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by stargazer View Post
    I slept eight and a half hours last night, in fact, which is unheard of.
    Even more unbelievably, this happened three nights in a row. Each night, I fell asleep naturally at around eleven-thirty; and awoke right at 8:30am. I guess that's actually 9 hours, come to think of it. (Didn't do the Math right earlier.)

    On the third night, however, my sleep was sporadic, with some periods of being awake during the night. (This might have been because there were troubles on my mind, however.) Then, the fourth night (the night before last), I was back to my old pattern, except for that I didn't wake up in the middle of the night (which I always used to do, when I had been taking the Wellbutrin at night). But I only slept four hours - from 11:30 till 3:30.

    That caused me to conk out twice during the day, which would have been almost impossible, had I not been in transit and on the train to Berkeley and back.

    Last night I fell asleep again at around 11:30, then awoke at 4:45, which is a little more typical for me. I still didn't wake up in the middle of the night, though, so it's still better than what was happening when I was taking the wellbutrin at night.

    But could five hours possibly be enough sleep for me? I know myself, and I probably won't tire today.

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    Re: 10 Bipolar Disorder Self-Help Tips

    I'll keep you in my thoughts to get *plenty* of sleep and wake refreshed each day

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    Re: 10 Bipolar Disorder Self-Help Tips

    Quote Originally Posted by amastie View Post
    I'll keep you in my thoughts to get *plenty* of sleep and wake refreshed each day
    Thanks for your positive thoughts, Amastie. But I think it's unlikely. I didn't tire much yesterday, and I got all my work done, though sometimes I was a little unfocused and more-than-a-little stressed. Last night I didn't conk out till midnight, then fell asleep suddenly, and awoke at 3:30am thinking it was "morning." I've been awake since then - it's about 5:30am.

    I've always been *somewhat* like this - but this time it's extreme. I wonder if it's because I'm having to think about moving, and so naturally I am under greater stress, consciously or unconsciously.

    My situation isn't nearly as bad as it was when I was trying to find a place from having been homeless, and my sister had limited funds to put me up in a motel room several nights in a row so I could make a better presentation while looking for a room. In that case, I was desperate, and I took the first room I could find on the last day that her money for my motel rooms was running out. And look how it turned out - bad location, and all kinds of difficulties. Ex-roommate was a methamphetamine dealer/user, had just gotten out of jail, etc.

    I honestly think it helped me for a while to be living here - thickened my skin or something. But now that I have all the way till March 1st to find a place to live, it just seems to me that in that length of time, with rent here already paid for February, I ought to be able to find a more ideal place.

    Also, because I'm on SSDI, and have MediCare, and work from my laptop on the "side" (or maybe the SSDI is on the side) - it really doesn't matter anymore where in the United States I live. A change of scene sounds good. If I move to a larger city, I can probably always find a psychiatrist who accepts MediCare.

    Because of my "MediCare with Medi-Cal" dilemma, I will always be prone to "falling through the cracks of the system" as long as I remain in California. It might actually be easier if I were to move to another State.

    Well, obviously my living transition is always on my mind. That's got to have something to do with the sub-standard amounts of sleep I've been getting.

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    Re: 10 Bipolar Disorder Self-Help Tips

    I can't stay right now stargazer, but I forget, are you taking meds to help you to sleep. If I had more time I'd do a full reading of the thread but my mind isn't working well at present. *I'm* needing to go to bed <lol>

    Take care

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