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    Error in the work place

    i had thought i had did the right thing by issuing a document. needless to say, two years later, i feel like everyone knows it was me. yet i have been told nobody knows.. this is waying heavily on my mind... what can i do?

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    Error in the work place

    What kind of document? Regardless, it does not seem worrying to me since it was two years ago. Also, most employees are focused on their daily concerns and the upcoming weekend, not what happened a couple years ago.
    "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Error in the work place

    I think you need to supply us with a bit more information, funguy.

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    error in the work place

    well what happened was I released a document to the media which caused the biggest uproar in our city.. more like a whistle blower action. now all of a sudden, I feel that I should not have, and axiety is all of a sudden creeping up everyday. I feel every knows it was me.. and that every one is watching.. yet nothing has been said and most people blamed someone else. it has been very stressful for me lately and is the focus of my every thought, yet nobody knows.

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    Error in the work place

    Are you worried that it wasn't the right thing to do? or that they will discover it was you and fire you?

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    error in the office

    well, its a combination of both. after 24 years in the job, and too early to retire, yes im afraid of being fired. and it was the right thing to do as it change our work place like nothing before... but all of a sudden it reared its ugly head and now i cannot help but focus on it again.. and again.

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    error in the work place

    everything at work is now being done above board. but since the profession im in so such a tight knit organization, i would be considered a snitch and outcast......and probably suspended..ruin to say the least

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    Error in the work place

    Have a look at some of the resources here, especially the ones on cognitive restructuring (CBT) by David Burns. I can understand why you would worry but you need some "counter-arguments" to reduce the anxiety to a more reasonable level. It's been 2 years and all indications are that you are not suspected. It seems unlikely that all of sudden anyone would point the finger in your direction.

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    error in the work place

    yes that is true... it has been almost two years to the date..but i still feel terrible.. i do not know if you have dealt with in th elaw enforcement communtiy, but they are a tough seems everytime someone looks at me, i get he impression they know.. its killing me inside.. and I have nobody to i cant let it out

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    Error in the work place

    I have had contact with the law enforcement community, both as clients and in my forensic court work. It may help you to talk about your specific fears here or with a therapist. I do urge you to have a look at some of the resources I mentioned, too.

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