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    A story of faith and hope

    There was this child who was brought into the world, needing everything that all children are expected to have in order to become a healthy functional adult. But instead, this little girl is tormented, violated, abused, and left with feelings of abandonment. She has a family, but only a house in which she is forced to be in as she is helpless. This little girl, even at the age of 6, dreamt and had fantasies of death. She did not understand why her life felt sad and she was completely alone. As she grew up she still longed to be taken away.

    So this little girl continue to grow, but not really growing at all. She begins to realize that this kind of life is not normal yet does not have the voice to call out. She is afraid; fear has now become the control in her life. Through these years her life only becomes worse as not just her family is hurting her. There is now a man claiming her innocence that words just can not describe, and not knowing that this shame will cast her future. And she still longs for an escape but is also afraid of the unknown.

    Now, years later you see this woman. But this is what others see, but not the truth at all. You see, this little girl never had a chance to grow. And she continued to be tormented by abuse which made the woman before you, become who she is now. But still inside of this adults body lives that little girl who is so trapped inside of this darkness, she can not get out. So she stays hidden, it's safer this way. She may be trapped in this sad and dark world created for her, but she has accepted this to be this way as her ability to become what others so desperately want, was stolen so long ago. Now this woman you see, is victim to her own abuse.

    And so the tale is told, and continues to be a mystery to others as the little girl and the woman have reached out but the grip is so hard to hold on to. They have not learned how to grasp tightly, strong enough for the hold not to break. Together, they try to heal. They are one, as they live in this body, in this mind full of fears. Is it time that will help mend the little girl and the woman? They are not sure yet, but are fighting together to break this cage which was sealed shut. Slowly, some cracks have opened this, they can see some light. Together will the strength be enough to open this door wide open for all to see they are stronger than what they have witnessed so far. Will they know the beauty that does lay burried?

    But the tale is not over, so we have to wait for the ending of the story as the child and the woman are fighting to tell others how to free themselves from the hurt and pain that no answers can be found. As it is not always answers that we seek, its the past we want and need to put behind and keep living for the future, for it is what we make of it. So the tale has only begun..and the war will be won.


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    Re: A story of faith and hope

    Quote Originally Posted by haunting
    ..and the war will be won.
    I like that part.

    Hope it's ok to send you some hugs.

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    A story of faith and hope

    I like that part, too, Janet. I also like the fact that the little girl has a protective, nurturing friend in the woman with whom she shares a past. This woman is the friend who will help her to put her fears and painful memories to rest.

    Hugs, Haunting. That was very well told.

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    A story of faith and hope

    I welcome these hugs with an open heart and open arms. As these hugs help this little girl and young woman continue to fight this battle so that the war can be won.

    And many thanks for the responses as it is important for me to know that others care this much to take the time to share my pain and tell their stories as all of you do so well. And to realize that I am not alone, that I have ones that do care and don't want me to stand alone in this fight. I return the love to you as well, as I care for you too!!


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    A story of faith and hope

    Hi Haunting,

    In your story I see the glimmer of hope. You are obviously working through this with all the strength that you have. You are exploring what traps you and holds you back, and by doing that you actually move out of their grips and into a new freedom. As I have said before, it is not easy, but it is worth it. By really looking at and staring down what has frightened you, you make those fears smaller and conquerable.
    Keep it up. You are not alone. We are all pulling for you.




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