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Thread: Hi Everyone

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    Hi Everyone

    Ive never done this kind of thing before but I'm sure I'll get used to it!
    Well, Im a 22 year old Canadian. The main reason i had for joining here is because I have issues regarding my self-esteem and things like that which is the result of a four year long relationship with someone who was emotionally, verbally and, at times, physically abusive. Im no longer with him, and haven't been for about 2 months now, but all the abuse has left a huge impact on my life. Ive never really discussed it but I'm sure I'll find it easier to talk about as time goes on.
    Thanks for letting me share!!

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    Hi Everyone

    Hi Scorpio Girl and welcome!

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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome, Scorpio Girl. We're glad to have you with us! :o)



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