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    Can past experiences become your nightmares?

    I've had for years, nightmare after nightmare, after nightmare. Every night, I have at least one. Sometimes much more realistic than others. But many of them seem to be from past experiences.

    In my life, I've been abused in every way possible, I've been nearly raped, I've been beaten up (jumped) 9 times in the 16 years I've lived in my town, I've been strangled by a past boyfriend, and even sexually abused by a stranger when I was 5.

    How can I stop these nightmares so I can live a normal life? They are driving me crazy.
    They say life is a highway.. what happens when you hit a dead end?

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    Can past experiences become your nightmares?

    The nightmares are occurring because these are memories that you haven't yet processed in a way which allows you to put them to rest. That is what therapy can do for you.

    I do hope you are able to find someone soon...

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    Can past experiences become your nightmares?

    It must be horrible to be plagued by nightmares night after night. Not only do you not get enough rest, you're anxiety level is, most likely, significantly increased in reaction to the fear you feel. Therapy will address those unprocessed memories and help you put them to rest, once and for all.

    Like Dr. Baxter, I do hope you find a therapist to help you very soon.

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