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Thread: Unknown problem

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    Unknown problem

    All my life I've had shaking and I get irritated when I hear sounds like spoons scraping on bowls or when certain surfaces scrap together. The shaking is a constant thing, I always shake but it's not violent it's just small bit, a bit like you do when you are cold.

    I was wondering if anyone has any idea what this would be? it's not just a temporary thing like anxiety or something like that, even at my best feeling times I have it, although it sometimes is lessoned when I feel "good".

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    Unknown problem

    funny enough im sort of the same. but i also shake violenlty when its cold..

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    Unknown problem

    Does anyone else in your family have tremors, RBM? Essential tremor tends to run in families. I have it, as does my brother. My father had it, too. There are some medications that might help, like beta-blockers, but you'll need to discuss it with your doctor. If it's essential tremor, there are things you can try. :o)

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    Unknown problem

    I've never known anyone in my immediate or extended family that's had it. I got the nickname "Shakey" because other people would notice I shaking and would wonder what's wrong with me.

    It doesn't actually bother me that much, but I just thought it might have some connection to my sensitivity to certian types noises which, on the other hand, bothers me a great deal.



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