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    Help me with bingeing

    I've been a healthy weight and eating relatively normal for about 9 months now, recently with everything going on ive reduced my intake lost 1kg but binged and im scared that my binging is getting out of control. Like 5 minutes ago i had a whole block of chocolate without intentionally or mentally knowing i was at the time. Does that make sense?
    I only binge when im feeling low or need to i dunno feel, not feel i can't explain it but i need to stop it. it mostly happens when im at home its okay when im out at school i can have nothing and be fine. does anyone know how to stop binging or gain control over it.

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    help me with binging


    Have you tried journaling your feelings when you want to binge? That could be helpful.

    I found this online article which might help.

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    help me with binging

    thanks for the suggetion and article i have tried journalling but to no effect maybe i just need to try more

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    help me with binging

    How, exactly, are you "reducing" your intake? Are you fasting? Are you skipping meals, or are you just eating less at meals? If you fast, you're more likely to binge to make up for it. What you might try is eating five or six small meals a day. Sometimes, that can help with this kind of problem, provided it isn't full-scale bulimia.

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    help me with binging

    can you suggest healthy meals i could have that will fill me up but wont lead to a binge or make my weight go higher?

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    help me with binging

    By reducing my intake I mean cutting down calories like having 400 or so a day and or just having coffee which i did for 3 days and lost 1kg a while ago. because of the anorexia my body and metabolism is not the usual way like having 1200 calories would make me put on weight instead of losing it you see. The lower my calories the more chance i have of losing weight also my energy levels and motivation for exercise are very low. i dont do any. So if i have six small means a day the binging should stop? I mean i dont vomit but do take laxatives ( i have to for bowel movement and it makes the number go down) Im also struggling with what i see even though everyone says im thin and stuff i still see im fat and have never seen differenmt from before i lost the 25kgs. But i can see ive gotten bigger and my size 6 clothes dont fit me which i dont like.
    sorry i dont mean to complain but im sick of this body distortion, eating problems. any help i appreciate. also what sort of foods should ieat to not put on weight and not binge? thanks again for the message.

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    help me with binging

    Small meals of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and pasta are good. Stay away from refined sugars and caffeine. If you eat a little, but more often, you're less likely to feel that hungry, deprived feeling that leads to binging. Exercise is always very helpful, but it's a good idea to start slowly, with walking.

    If you're suffering from bulemia, it's going to take therapy to help you get beyond that problem. Therapy would be in addition to changing your eating habits and adding exercise into your daily regimen. 400 calories a day is probably far too few. Try to eat more around 1000 calories a day in small meals. That should be a minimum.

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    help me with binging

    thank you ill see how i go im in therapy but were not gettin anywhere she wants me to tell her what needs to happen change but i never know the answer all her questions r 4 me to answer she doesnt help me at all you know.

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    Re: help me with binging

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaine View Post
    thank you ill see how i go im in therapy but were not gettin anywhere she wants me to tell her what needs to happen change but i never know the answer all her questions r 4 me to answer she doesnt help me at all you know.
    Hi Jaine,

    see another counsellor. See as many as you need till you find the righ one. Is there an Eating Disorders Foundation (or Association) in your state? Give them a ring. They might be able to help both able with peer/group supprt as well as be able to recommend a counsellor.

    There are lot of counsellors and tey aer all different.

    Good luck,




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