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Thread: Stressing

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    Im stressing today because my job is driving me insane Im a nurse which is stressful enough I just have a high standard of my work which is probably part of my personality, I just feel people should care about their jobs and try to do their best. I sometimes have a hard time dealing I often think that I need a job where I have my own Little room and Im responsible for everything.

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    What does one do who thinks she needs to be in her own space to get the results she wants? Anyone have any suggestions.

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    There are times when we all feel that way, I think.

    What sort of nursing do you do currently and what realistic options do you have for job change? For example, what about home care nursing (what's called VON nursing in some places, I believe)? That might give you more independence than you have now...

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    Im a Lpn currently I work as a nurse in a correctional facility. Im currenly getting ready to go back to get my RN. Unfortunately Im the type of nurse who has to be where the action is. I need to be in an ER, labor and delivery,or somewhere I can show my nursings skills.



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