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    Antidepressant manufacturers' assistance programs

    The numbers below are for Physicians and Psychiatrists, as the antidepressent manufacturers have programs where they will provide their product free of charge if the Physician will contact them.

    Antidepressant manufacturers assistance programs

    Celexa: Forest Pharmaceutical Company 800-678-1605

    Effexor: Wyeth-Ayerst Labs 800-568-9936

    Luvox: Solvay patient assistance program 800-788-9277

    Paxil: SmithKline Paxil Access to Care program 800-546-0420 Patient Line
    215-751-5722 Physician's line

    Prozac: Lily Cares program 800-545-6962

    Zoloft: Pfizer prescription assistance 800-646-4455

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    Antidepressant manufacturers' assistance programs

    Excellent resource, Rick! I didn't know about this -- thank you.

    Do you know where these programs are valid? US only? Canada? Overseas?

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    Antidepressant manufacturers' assistance programs

    I found these in a book on OCD.
    Tormenting Thought & Secret Rituals, by Ian Osborne.

    I believe these are for Canada and the US.

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    Antidepressant manufacturers' assistance programs

    Thanks again, Rick. What did you think of the book?

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    Antidepressant manufacturers' assistance programs

    I found the book to be very thorough as the author is a sufferer of OCD and a Psychiatrist,
    Brain Lock by Jefferey Schwartz was also a really good book on OCD.

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