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    Looking for a book: The Psychology of the Internet

    Hi! Would you like to help me with this, please: i am looking for a book - "The Psychology of the Internet" by Patricia Wallace. Is there anyone who have it as PDF or other digital format?... I don't have the possibilitie to buy it but I hardly want to read it!... I hope you could understand this and hope that you'll help me somehow!...


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    Looking for a book: The Psychology of the Internet

    Hi Alviss;

    I don't have the link to the book that you're inquiring about, however, I do have another (perhaps similar?) e-book. It is free and can be downloaded.

    The psychology of cyberspace

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    Looking for a book: The Psychology of the Internet

    Hi, Lana! Thank you very much for your help! Your book seems to be very interesting!... I will certainly read it! I'm sure it will help me in my demarche of studying this subject.

    Anyway, I will very much appreciate any help regarding the book I'm looking for, or others similar!...

    Thanks all of you!

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