Hi Everyone,

I know this is sort of weird, and please let me know if this makes anyone feel uncomfortable, in which case I won't post anymore...

I'm currently a senior at Cornell University, and I'm writing my honors thesis on domestic violence and employment in the Ithaca, NY/ Central, NY area... I volunteer with a bunch of agencies in the Ithaca area that help victims of domestic violence, and in my thesis I hope to write recomendations for these agencies on how to better coordinate and serve the needs of people who have experienced domestic violence.

I'm just looking to get some more personal insight from people who have experienced domestic violence first hand. I would like to know the types of things communities can provide to help you rehabilitate, get back to work etc etc.

I will be unbelievably grateful for any help anyone can provide, and I promise that any information I receive will remain completely anonymous and confidential.

Thank you so much for your time!!