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    is it bulimia already?

    I know this question could be boring here, as a lot of people ask it, but I'm afraid I've some eating problems. i'm not sure it is bulimia or something but my behavior is not normal. I don't vomit, the only think I'm anxious about is that i' m takin' a lot of purgatives for more than 3 years. I also stuff myself about twice a week and that I feel sick for the next couple of hours. I'm having a stomachache almost all the time. I have a low self-esteam. I often think about committing a suicide & I cut myself. I'm fed up with it all,but I'm not able to change anything at all. Do I need doctor's help? Please, say what do you thnik.


    Sorry for mistakes, but I'm not Englishnative speaker, I'm Polish...

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    is it bulimia already?

    I think you do need a doctor's help. It takes some courage, but please try to go see your doctor and talk to him/her about this. This type of problem can cause some serious damage to your body. And if you're thinking about committing suicide and cutting those are also issues that need to be addressed. These things are hard to change on your own, but there is nothing wrong at all with asking for and getting help from a qualified professional. Please go see someone soon.

    There is hope!!

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    is it bulimia already?

    I agree with janet, Velma. You really do need to see a doctor and get some help to deal with the problems you're having. Injuring yourself, taking too many laxatives, and considering suicide is definitely not the way you want to live, I'm sure.

    I'm sure you've tried to stop doing these things yourself, since you said you're "not able to change anything". With the help of a professional, it is possible to change these things. :o)

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    is it bulimia already?

    hi Velma! as everyone else has already said, I think that you should go see a doctor about all of this. It doesn't matter whether it fits the label of "bulimia", the fact is that the behavior you're engaging in and the way you feel isn't a great way to live. Not only can there be physical problems (having taken laxs since 3 yrs) but obviously mental and emotional ones as well. Stomach aches could come from the laxatives but also from stress... but you need to see a doctor to find out how to help you with this, before you do irreversible or more damage, k hun?

    I'm fed up with it all,but I'm not able to change anything at all.
    You've obviously realized that things aren't ok, so you've made the 1st step. And you recognize that you don't like the way things have been going, which is another step to getting better. Thus, you are doing something about it and the important thing is to not give up from here. Take our advice and go see a doctor and also adress the suicide/cutting, k?? What has happened since you last posted?

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    is it bulimia already?

    Thanks a lot for you reply and professional advice. Honestly, you scared me a little. I'm affraid you're right I should see a doctor, but, believe me, it's not an easy decission. I'll take your opinion into concideration. Thanks again.
    Basicly, nothing has changed since my last post - I'm still not throwing up and I'm taking a lot of pills as a daily routine.
    Sometimes I find seein' doctor useless - I think it won't change anything. But I could be wrong... And I hope I am...

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    is it bulimia already?

    Just a word of caution: Purging and vomiting can do irrevocable damage to your digestive tract. I'm sure you don't envision yourself throwing up blood in a hospital, or having part of your bowel removed and wearing an ostomy sack for the rest of your life. I'm also sure you don't envision yourself faced with an unbalance in your electrolytes that can negatively impact every organ system in your body. These are the risks. They are real. I see it all the time.

    Please get help now. Avoiding it is not worth the price you'll pay.



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