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    I have a friend who SI's and I want to help him stop, he told me he'd listen, but I need some new methods. Any ideas?

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    Some new methods to do what, Stranger? Do you mean to help him resist the urges?

    Is he currently seeing a therapist/counselor or on any medications?

    SI is often a symptom of something else rather than the primary problem/issue in itself.

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    Oh, well, hes on meds for bi polar but I just found out, by researching he has Bipolar manic and his girlfriends all depressed shes pretty much gone psycho and hes being influenced by her, he used to si before but that was 2 years ago, he completely stopped. But now that hes met her, hes lost his self control and everythings going down the drain for him. He has to come to school for grade12 a thrid time next year! Only because hes skippping classes to be with her. I try to talk to him. abd when he showed me his cuts I wanted to slap him back to his sences. But I knew that wouldnt help. so I decided id take him trhough steps, with the aid of research kids help phone/cope phone and this forum, I could prolly get some methods and therapeutic methods to help him. And no, he isnt seeing a therapist, he wont go to one.

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    Fundamentally, SI is about getting feelings out when the individual doesn't have any effective direct way to express them -- anxiety, anger, whatever -- if he went two years without SI and now with his new girlfriend it's re-emerging, I'd wonder what that new relationship is doing to him to trigger a return to those old coping strategies...



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