*New Research Study for Tourette’s Disorder at the NYU Child Study Center: Does your child make repetitive movements such as eye blinking, neck rolling, or shoulder shrugging? Does your child make repetitive sounds such as throat clearing, coughing, or sniffing? If so, your child may have a tic disorder or Tourette’s Disorder (TD).

TD is a neurological disorder that is characterized by repeated, involuntary body movements and/or vocal sounds. These motor and vocal tics typically appear before age 18, and males are affected 3-4 times more often than females. Children and adolescents with TD often have other associated conditions such as attention problems, impulsiveness, and learning disabilities.

TD can be treated, and the highly qualified staff at the NYU Child Study Center would like to help. The NYU Child Study Center is currently enrolling eligible children and adolescents ages 6-17 with TD into a new treatment research study that is being funded by the Tourette Syndrome Association. The purpose of the study is to test the safety and effectiveness of omega 3 fatty acids (a common nutritional supplement derived from fish oil) in reducing the symptoms of TD.

There is no charge for participation in this study. Participants will be under close supervision of a medical team throughout the study. They will receive a professional evaluation and a complete medical and psychiatric assessment. All Test results and information will be completely confidential.

For more information, call the NYU Child Study Center at (212) 263-8613, or visit www.AboutOurKids.org.