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    "See, If You Can Hear This"

    CBC Documentary

    Imagine being blind for 25 years, and suddenly being able to see again - using your ears. It sounds impossible, but that's exactly what happened to Pat Fletcher. For the past few years, she's been experimenting with a revolutionary new technology that allows her to see through sound. Using a simple computer program that she downloaded from the Internet, called "The vOICe", which translates visual images into soundscapes, Pat's brain is able to translate those sounds back into images.

    Toronto science journalist Alison Motluk spent a day with Pat Fletcher at her home in Buffalo, New York. She plugged her recorder into Pat's computer, so we can hear what Pat hears. She also spoke with Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, a neurologist at Harvard University, who believes that brain cells have the latent ability to process information from a variety of senses. That means the brain can translate input from one sense into another.

    Alison's documentary is called, "See, If You Can Hear This."

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    "See, If You Can Hear This"

    Wow! Sort of like portable sonar...

  3. "See, If You Can Hear This"

    That's really amazing! Sometimes, modern science is a truly wonderful thing to behold. :o)

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    "See, If You Can Hear This"

    I thought it was amazing too. Pat was not blind from birth but when her experience was compared to someone blind from birth, the experience was similar.



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