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  1. Depression, nutrition, and environment


    Whole food vitamins, synthetic vitamins, nutritionally void foods, and toxic environmental exposures I control to maintain long term health

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    Depression, nutrition, and environment

    Welcome Jeff!

    Wow, that sounds like a lot of work you have done with reading and so forth. Did you write that all off the top of your head? How are your symptoms of severe depression since you have been using these methods?

  3. Depression, nutrition, and environment

    Actually I wrote most of it last March 2004 when I was laid off for a week. I am laid off again for a week and have spent the last couple of days updating it. As far as depression, fatigue and intellectual ability everything I wrote about completely changed my life and I hope my essay can help others


  4. depression controlled through nutrition & env. continued

    For a copy of this essay, go to

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