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  1. If you only had one week to live......

    My T asked me this question "If I knew this was the last week of my life, what would I do"? I think she was surprised at my answer, when she asked it, I yelled out "Thank God"!!! Then said, I would sit on the curb and wait for the bus to pick me up and take me out of here!!

    I have asked others this same question, since my T was surprised at my answer, and I was surprised that others wouldn't react that way.

    What's so wrong with not wanting to be here? How would others answer this question?

    After talking to my T about it she said some would want to get things in order for their children. That makes sense, but I don't have children, my husband works, I stay home. I don't really have anyone that depends on me, thank God. Some said they would want to get their family and loved ones together for their last days. I say screw my family, they don't care anyway. I have an attitude problem??? This whole life on earth seems like a cruel joke anyway, so where does the bus stop, I'm ready.
    Maybe, just maybe, that light at the end of the tunnel isn't a train.

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    If you only had one week to live......

    "If I knew this was the last week of my life, what would I do"?
    I would probably do some form of escapism to help take my mind off my impending death, such as watching TV, reading, or taking a vacation. I wouldn't be having long, dramatic conversations with family members like in the movie In the Gloaming.

    I guess the question can help some people discuss their priorities in life.
    "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    If you only had one week to live......

    This was addressed in an episode of The Simpsons where Homer thought he only had 24 houirs left -- he made a list and then started checking them off the next day...

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    If you only had one week to live......

    I'd be sad.

    I'm not a person that ever wanted to die but my mental problems and lonliness cause me to hate my life someties, but I have a tiny bit of hope stored away somewhere.

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    If you only had one week to live......

    More info about the Simpsons episode where Homer believes he has 24 hours to live:

    The premise of the episode is taken from the film D.O.A., where a man learns he has been poisoned.

    After staying up all night, Homer survives and goes on to live his life exactly as he did before--watching TV and eating salty treats.

    Homer's List of "Dumb Things I Gotta Do Today" Before Dying
    1. Make list
    2. Eat a hearty breakfast
    3. Make videotape for Maggie
    4. Have man-to-man with Bart
    5. Listen to Lisa play her sax
    6. Make funeral arrangement
    7. Make peace with Dad
    8. Beer with the boys at the bar
    9. Tell off the boss
    10. Go hang gliding
    11. Plant a tree
    12. A final dinner with my beloved family
    13. Be intamit [sic] with Marge

    Source:TV Tome
    A good movie with a somewhat similar, existential theme is Groundhogs Day where Bill Murray's character learns to appreciate the little things in life and take his ego less seriously. A philosophy book with a similar theme is Very Little...Almost Nothing: Death, Philosophy, Literature by Simon Critchley. Like the movie Groundhogs Day, the book seems to value everyday existence more than notions of achievement and the demands of tomorrow.
    "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    If you only had one week to live......

    I liked reading this thread.

    One of the positive things I can derive from my traumas is to really appreciate life. Seeing and experiencing really sad and scary things has really made me aware of what truly matters to me in my life. I am grateful for this because I often live my life “as if it were my last week”. As a result I generally don’t stay “stuck” in situations that are not good for me or my son (eg a job or relationship).

    However, this way of thinking/living does make me pretty intense about what I think is important. For me it is my son, first and foremost.

    Secondly, and most recently I have decided that I would like to somehow contribute to improving the lack of financing, awareness and support for mental illness.

    Although, after saying that, honestly, I think I would make arrangements for my son and just spend time with him. I’d also spend a small portion of time really thinking about any guilt I was carrying around and take corrective action by making amends to anyone I felt I needed to make amends to.

    I’d want to leave proud and confident that I had done everything I needed to do so I could rest easy wherever I go.

    Hmmmm….maybe I let go of some of that guilt now so if the time should arise, I can simply spend it with my son? I am happy about how much time I spend with my son right now, but I do have some guilt that I could get rid of :)

  7. 1 week.........

    If I only had one week to live. I'd thank my few close friends for being there. Then I'd enjoy my last few days, in fact, with the life I have had, even welcome the passing of the next 7 days with open arms!

  8. If you only had one week to live......

    The simpsons rule!! (man i sound like the jocks you see on the movies)

    witsend, I think I've been where it sounds you are... not particularly intent on death, but not to bothered about life either. I sometimes still feel this way, even though I am quite attached to my life, (i.e., fiance, school, etc). I don't think I would term your lack of emotion an attitue problem at all. If the way you feel is NOT making you or others around you unhappy, then just allow yourself to get through it. I don't think it is necessary for you to feel or think how other people deam normal. Just keep an eye open for signs that your feelings could deepen into something hurtful or physically dangerous to yourself.

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    If you only had one week to live......

    I actually felt a bit bad after I posted because it's only been within the last 2 months that I've felt like I wanted to live.

    I've been suicidal at 2 points in my life. After my sister died and within the last year and a half. I knew why I was feeling as awful as I was after my sister's death, but there was no major traumatic event that triggered my severe depression this last time. Sometimes life really sucks and sometimes there seems like a good reason for it and sometimes there doesn't.

    Hang in there, Witsend. I don't know much about your experiences, but I do know what it's like to not enjoy life and not want to live.

  10. Healthbound

    Thanks for your words of encouragement my friend! My original posting is still on here under depression--those same problems exist--only compounded daily......thanks again and I wish you a speedy process in your quest for happiness! It is so hard to focus on, I know, been there--BUT if we can concentrate that they (your sister) are in a much better place---it helps some, but it does not take away the degree of sadness which you feel, I'm sure. Focus on the good times and moments which I am sure you had together and find peace in knowing-that perhaps you were fortunate enough to have had her in your "inner circle"--stay in touch!

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