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  1. Some more questions

    I used to feel like I was really different from other people because of what happened. To an extent now it doesn't affect my relationships as bad as before but in many respects I still feel different. I've thought about it and a lot of people say it doesn't make me different but I can't seem to get over it. How would you go about reassuring yourself that your the same cause things like this don't happen to many people and in all actuallity I am different. I don't know maybe I just have circular logic. Also cause I'm a guy I feel even wierder talking about it with people so I usually keep it to myself is that a bad thing if it is bothering me and I don't talk about it? Thanks

  2. Some more questions

    Also I wanted to add that as a kid it made me feel like everything I was doing was pointless. I can't explain why but did or does anyone else feel that way?

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    Some more questions

    things like this don't happen to many people and in all actuallity I am different
    Actually, they happen to a lot more people than you think...

  4. Some more questions

    I guess maybe, but I dont know any of them and it's just me in my world. Maybe that is really stupid to say actually even after writing that now I feel like taking it back. I have actually known someone in this same kinda situation but I don't know her anymore or I guess my friend who was involved the same time as me. It just seems I'm alone in it now and I can't muster up the courage.

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    Some more questions

    I know, dude. What I meant was that although you feel like some sort of alien who is unlike any other human being, that really isn't true. There are many people who have suffered through similar experiences and would understand some of what you feel -- and others who may not have experienced it directly but know people who have and therefore again would have some understanding. You are not as alone as you believe yourself to be.

  6. Some more questions

    It just seems like if I speak up about it then all the sudden everyone is shoulder length apart and keeping their distance. Maybe it's in my head but now I just try to steer clear of talking about it altogether. I've been doing this sort of thing for years. I don't know if it is a good approach since it seems to make me pretty quiet but it helps me in other ways. I don't know if that makes any sense. I don't know if it is me that is making me feel like an alien but it seems like it's them

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    Some more questions

    Well, there's no doubt that you have to pick the time, the place, and the person carefully. But that's true of anything that is personal and important to you, I think. There are only a small number of people who really know me... that's by choice. I trust them and so I talk to them about things that are troubling or stressful or disturbing or sad... that is, about those things I really wouldn't want to talk to most people about or even want them to know about me.

  8. Some more questions

    I guess, that's a good point. If someone came to me and told me something personal and I knew them well I might be open. But if I didn't know them very well or didn't feel as if I did I might be stand offish too.

  9. Some more questions

    I found that most people shy away because it is something foreign to them. One of those dark discussions they don't understand, so it makes them uncomfortable. Yet when you are able to open up to the right person, you can help them understand and they can help you to get past it. A true friend will be there to help you through any crisis. I know things about some of my friends that nobody else does, and visa versa. We have helped one another through some difficult times. That is what it is all about really. A good psychologist can always help you to work things through, but my closest friends have been my personal source of help.

  10. Some more questions

    Thanks for the replies. They've all been helpful.

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