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Thread: Combat anxiety

  1. Combat anxiety

    hello all
    my overall anxiety which is turning into a fear is, fighting.... the fact ive been in two physical confrontations both didnt goto phyical level i think didnt help. You see since i got the stress and anxiety without the end product (of fighting).... well some call it lucky but IMO i think its making my mind feel that its unressolved.
    Hence i get anxious to goto places by myself these days, let alone go alone in the night for night life... do you feel thats an accurate reasoning?

    do you have any suggestions to combat this?
    I want to regain my life and avoid this semi-paranoia for good.

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    combat anxiety

    Do you have a history of fighting? Or verbal or physical abuse?

    What about anxiety? Is this something that has developed recently? Or has it been a problem for some time and only now is turning into a specific phobic-like anxiety?

  3. combat anxiety

    Not really, I'm at the age(18) where alot of the places you go i.e night life seem to have those sort of people... but i dont want that to stop me going.

    History... well like i said those two instances are my history.. but to elaborate one confrontation was two guys mugging me after my friend acted hastily towards them... i sub dued them prior by acting friendly but my friend kinda made things worse by yelling at them.. i didnt get touched but one guy was just about to hit me and was jumping up and down like a boxer ready to strike........luckily his other "friend" was like nah nah hes alright... yet still mugged me.

    second confrontation, we get chased by a car full of angry guys who took my beeping the wrong way... at a traffic light they parked along side me and all got out.... so i sped away hoping they wont catch up... and they didnt luckily.....

    But you see, things like this, where i nearly got into a physical confrontation have been making my mind uneasy subcionciously... but thats only my guess. Either way i want this to stop. I do sometimes bring it on myself by going to the night life alone.... but often my friends dont live near enough for me so i see people inside the clubs and bars etc.

    As a problem. this anxiety has been going on for months on end unressolved, as my car chase incident happened approxiamtely 4 months ago. I get afraid they will see me again as i still drive the same car. I've seen one of the guys near the clubs where i go a while back like 2 weeks after it happened.. that didnt help my anxiety.

    I also have a small frame, so im a bit paranoid since generally people are bigger than me, that i can get hurt more easily and so on.

    Well thats about it, and it is soon turning into a phobia if i dont do something about it....



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    combat anxiety

    This sounds more like a post-traumatic stress reaction. That could probably be helped by a few sessions of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) or possibly EMDR. Do you see a counsellor/psychologist?

  5. combat anxiety

    No i havent. I dont think i have ever seen one. im new to all this, whats CBT about?
    I actually find it theraputic just saying my problems on forums like these.. but i might go see one if my stress continues.

    Do any of you guys do things like qi gong or meditation to clear your mind of such negative thinking?
    I'm thinking about doing it, just to be more relaxed and not let my thoughts run too wild and try and tame it :P

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    combat anxiety

    Meditation can certainly be helpful, although I think sometimes it's difficult to get into the mindset for meditation when anxiety or depression is strongest.

    Read more about CBT here:

    There is a bit of information on EMDR here:

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    combat anxiety

    There's some good stuff here: about cognitive therapy. (Daniel, one of the moderators here, posted it before.)

    I don't know what qi gong is.

    Once, when I was hospitalized, they took me to a room and hooked wire things up to my head and I laid down and I was to think about floating down a river and nice music was playing. (Very frustrating that I can't remember what it is called.) I liked it the first two times I went and then I just kind of freaked out. I felt out of control of myself so I stopped going. It was really one of the first times in my life I was assertive and said no to something. I do try to think good thoughts, or think about nice places to be, but not as deeply as that experience was.

    I guess I would say that it wouldn't hurt to try those things. If they don't work or make you feel worse you don't have to do them.

    I'm glad it helps to come here and talk and I hope you keep doing that.

  8. combat anxiety

    Thanks for the links,

    Yeah the reason i brought up meditation and qi gong is they in the long term keep you having a healthy mind and body... therefore you get more postive feedback from your mind naturally ive noticed when i was doing it a while back.
    For those of who dont know what qigong is, briefly its a chinese art that cultivates energy from your breathing. It helps energy blockages, in your body.. and yes mind blockages but if your interested, i suggest you look up some schools in your area... its one of those things you have to know what you're doing.

    thanks for your reply janet, it has been insightful and i will keep coming here to discuss about my problems :)




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