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    Psychology Coursework - Holmes and Rahe

    hello all

    I am doing psychology at A level in college, and I am dong my coursework at the moment.

    My coursework was a replication of the holmes and rahe study [1967] using the scale of 44 life events.

    The famed scale was easy to find but APPARENTLY [my psychology teacher tells me] there is another scale devised by Holmes and Rahe that is the same but is better suited to young people i.e. doesnt feature life events such as "morgage over $10,000" etc...

    I NEED to find this scale asap [the young person scale] to include it in my coursework and my teacher wont tell me where to find it, only that it definatley exists.

    if anyone can help me please reply, thank you

    best wishes,

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    Psychology Coursework; Holmes and Rahe

    I remember there being a periodical index of all psychological tests. When all else fails, I ask the librarian at the univeristy.

    Good luck

    I'm assuming you did a google search? I did a brief search and this is not what you are looking for...but.....I found this most interesting
    Professional Life Stress Test

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    Psychology Coursework; Holmes and Rahe

    Is it one of the scales mentioned here for college students?

    Lots of information including problems with the original scale and problems in the research here:



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