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    Will i ever feel happy again?

    I am really fed up with these thoughts i keep getting,ive gone obsessed with mine and my childrens health i think i have got a serious illness and i think my children are ill too,i keep looking for signs of illnesses.But im too frightened to go to the doctor just in case he confirms it.So im really frightened.

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    will i ever feel happy again

    amth, in previous posts you've talked about having a long history of depression and anxiety, plus more recently a thyroid condition.

    With this most recent post, I wonder if anyone has suggested that you may suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) -- the depression and general anxiety may be secondary to OCD.

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    I am not familiar with this,is it an obsessive disorder?I do get fretful alot especially when im feeling really low.

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    will i ever feel happy again

    It has more than one form but it is basically an anxiety disorder that is characterized by excessive, unrealistic, repetitive worrying (the obsessive part) and sometimes accompanied by rituals (counting, checking, doing things in a certain order or in a certain way) that are basically attempts to prevent what the individual is worried about from happening or to reduce anxiety.

    You can read more about it at and at .

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    I can understand that i may have OCD,but i thought that OCD was associated with rituals like checking things over and over,i do do this at night checking plugs are out doors are locked everything safe but i assume thats because i have children and every parent makes sure they are safe.But i do remember incidents when i was young of doing rituals like counting things to make sure my mum or siblings would be safe.Then i would feel to blame if anything happened to them.As i got older i looked at things more realistic,i think now i go over things too much in my mind,i seem to get stuck in the moment.

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    will i ever feel happy again

    Actually, for some people with OCD the intrusive obsessive thoughts (the "obsessive" part of obsessive-compulsive) are much more prominent than the rtuals, or they may not even be bothered by rituals (compulsions) at all.

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    David,your information and advice have been very imformative,when someone is feeling so low but they dont know whats happening too them its good to hear from someone so that i can look at why i am feeling like this,instead of thinking its normal to have these thoughts and go deeper and deeper into despair,alot of people dont want to know.thankyou.

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    will i ever feel happy again

    You're welcome, amth. I would also note that if indeed you do meet the criteria for OCD, there are some good treatments for this. It isn't necessary to continue to struggle as you have.



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