University of Ottawa - Royal Ottawa Hospital Depression Research

Do you feel sad or blue most of the time? Does sadness interfere with your daily activities?

The Institute of Mental Health Research affiliated with the University of Ottawa and Royal Ottawa Hospital is looking for men and women between 18 and 65 years of age who are experiencing symptoms of major depression such as: feelings of sadness; lost of interest or pleasure in activities; trouble sleeping; feeling agitated or slowed down; losing or gaining weight; having trouble concentrating or making simple decisions. These studies will evaluate optimum antidepressant treatments. There are no placebo or inactive groups.

Some people may present different symptoms that are not mentioned above. For more information about these studies call the number below.

Qualified participants will receive study-related medical evaluations and medication.

For information, call Chantal Hébert at (613) 722-6521 ext. 6217