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    Depression from adolescence to adulthood

    I have a question that has been puzzling me for sometime; when do you think depression stops being an adolscent "phase" or episode and starts becoming an adult issue? Are there age limits?

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    Depression from adolescene to adulthood

    Hi Cin. I know this is turning your question on its head, but I wonder whether the usual markers of "adulthood" are rather too arbitrary. Can we say that when we hit 16, 18, or 21, graduate, or get married that we should have all the resources and constructive coping mechanisms of so-called maturity/adulthood at our disposal?

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    Depression from adolescene to adulthood

    hmm your right there actually, i always used to think "when im older" or "i`ll grow out of it" and "i would know more"; pretty nieve of me..

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    Depression from adolescene to adulthood

    Well, true depression has no age limits, in my opinion.

    Also when one grows up in a dysfunctional family you may never have the "resources and constructive coping mechanisms of so-called maturity" unless you get some professional help. That is what I think anyway.

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    Depression from adolescene to adulthood

    so you think its the way you cope with it, rather than the actual depression?

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    Depression from adolescene to adulthood

    I think learning good, effective coping methods can go a long way toward alleviating the crippling symptoms that, so often, accompany depression. If, through therapy (and medications, in some cases), you can develop effective coping methods for stress, anxiety, and feeling insecure and miserable, you'll naturally be able to live a happier, more productive life.

    Nobody goes through life without stressors, or unhappy events. However, those who have good ways to cope have it a bit easier than those of us whose coping methods haven't been well honed.

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    Depression from adolescene to adulthood

    I have been working with my brother lately. I went through depression in my teenage years and really fought it into my late twenties early thirties.

    My brother has been suffering for quite some time. He is 27 now. I really don't believe depression has an age limit at all. Overcoming it is simply a matter of learning the tools to do so and then using those tools. They might include a therapist, a good friend, or any number of things.

    The key is to use the tools you learn about, find what works for you and then stick with it!

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    Depression from adolescene to adulthood

    I agree, Jon. There is no difference between childhood or adolescent depression and adult depression. If you meet the criteria for major depression at any age, the symptoms and issues are the same.

    See Faces of Teenage Depression.



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