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    Got new meds today

    Saw the psychiatrist for the first time today & got put on Lamotrigine 25mg to start, also on 150 efexor xl, he said psychodynamic psychotherapy might help and cbt. can anyone tell me about lamictal and their experience of taking it

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    Got new meds today

    Lamictal/lamotrigine is a mood stabilizer -- it seems to be quite effective at least for certain patients and with fewer side-effects than the alternatives. The Effexor is an anti-depressant (serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor). That's probably a good combination for you to try...

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    Got new meds today

    I hope so, i've been on the Efexor since August, while it helps abit I still get major bouts of Depression, lasting only an hour or two but extremely distressing. I'm just really hoping the Psychiatrist & Therapists can help me until I can begin to help myself more, cause this is hell & I can't get through it on my own. Don't yet know if i'll have any side effects from Lamictal, only started yesterday, today will be the second day. Wish I understood why i'm like I am.

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    Got new meds today

    The suggestion for psychotherapy to include CBT is a good one -- do you already have a therapist, desire?

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    Got new meds today

    No, i've had an assessment for CBT but the therapist wanted to wait until I'd seen the pdoc so she had a diagnosis or an idea of what to work with. He's agreed CBT can go ahead & also said about psychodynamic psychotherapy. Whether the cbt therapist would do that I dunno. He suggested a therapeutic community too, monday to friday but i have a job so that wouldn't work, plus i have my cat i couldn't take & assume i'd lose the little independance i have eg i like getting my own food and doing alot on my own, wouldn't wanna eat what they said or eat with others

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    Got new meds today

    It's great you've gotten started on the meds, hon. It'll take a bit, but they should help you to feel better. Once your therapy really gets going, you'll have a better feel for what's up and what you need to do.

    Why are you like you are? Because it makes you unique, that's why. You are you, and that's a wonderful thing to be. :o)

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    Got new meds today

    Awww thanks least people here know how it is x

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    Got new meds today

    On day 3, can hear my heartbeat real loud when I put my head on the pillow to go to sleep (I sleep on my side with my ear on the pillow) also if I put my hand to my chest I can feel it real strong, normally I can't. Is this ok? Does anyone have similar experiences. I feel good tho

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    Got new meds today

    I've not heard of that side effect with either lamictal or effexor, Desire, although people do react individually to such medications so I suppose anything is possible.

    It may be more that you are more aware of physical sensations in your body than previously when you were feeling more "stressed out"...

    Or, I find there are times when I'm lying down when I am simply more aware than at other times of my heart beat or pulse or how I'm breathing...

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    Got new meds today

    Yeah maybe it's cause when on a new meds we're more alert to side effects, like with Efexor i've been on it since August so know i'm ok, but with Lamotrigine i'm more alert to things lol. It is listed on one website as a side effect, well palpitations is, dunno if that's what palpitations are, it doesn't bother me or make me feel bad. But it's listed as serious side effect & I don't think i'd get any serious ones. Normally they go after a week or so, with Seroxat I got a real dry mouth at first lol. Thanks for the reply, makes me feel abit better. So far no downs tho it's too early to say

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