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    Free Autism DVD available (shipping fee only)

    Autism DVD available for Shipping Fee

    The organization Autism Speaks has made available a free DVD consisting of NBC news stories about autism. "Autism: The Hidden Epidemic?" is available for a $5 shipping fee from the NBC store.

    NBC Universal - Autism: The Hidden Epidemic DVD

    ShopNBC: $0.01
    S & H : $4.95

    "Autism: The Hidden Epidemic?" is a compilation of NBC News special reports on the subject of America's fastest growing serious developmental disability. Included on the DVD is an 11-part "Today" show series, a four-part series from CNBC, extensive reporting from "Nightly News with Brian Williams," as well as comprehensive coverage on autism which aired on MSNBC, NBC Universal's owned-and-operated stations and Telemundo. Provided by Autism Speaks.

    Order by Phone 1-800-884-2212

  2. Free Autism DVD available (shipping fee only)

    Are you aware of any really good sites with information to help those with Aspergers Syndrome? I think my brother has it and my parents have all but given up on him. I'd like to find a way to help him if I can.


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    Free Autism DVD available (shipping fee only)

    The website is probably the main one for information.

    See also these PsychLinks resources and support groups and [ur=,GGLD:2005-12,GGLD:en&q=asperger+syndrome]these additional resources from Google.



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