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Thread: Extreme Rage

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    Extreme Rage

    Now that most of the other problems i have are below radar im having problems with anger. Its always been a problem but it just seemed like a hang nail when you have a broken arm before now. Seems like the norm is for when people have rage that they lash out. I dont do that. Im in control but i feel like im a balloon filled to full of water and about to burst. Yesterday i was driving down a highway and someone trying to cross triggered my light and i had to stop. I was enraged i wanted to drag the guy out of his car and turn him into a blood blister. Sounds ridiculous but none the less true. It finally dawned on me how my anger was not in line with what happened and i had to laugh at myself for reacting so extremely. I always justify it in my head that its ok cause i never act on the anger but i guess im just sick of it now. How does one get the proper proportions. I wanna be angry if it so deserves but i dont wanna feel the hatred and anger when something small and slightly annoying happens. Its like i have two settings, one not angry and the other extremely angry. At the same time tho, i dont wanna turn into one of those people who are always voicing their anger as they get on my nerves.

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    Extreme Rage

    A good book on cognitive restructuring (Cognitive Behavior Therapy, CBT) would be recommended -- see The Feeling Good Handbook by David Burns, and pay particular attention to the "Pesonalization" part.

    Additionally, how long has it been since you've had blood tests for glucose and glucose uptake? Any family history of diabetes?

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    Extreme Rage

    When i was in the hospital in december they tested for diabetes. Is that recent enough? I know diabetes runs in my family, my dad and sister both have it. I always assumed it was just a matter of time before i got since i drink quite a bit of soda. I have insurance right now, do you think i should go get a test?

    I will also check out the book, i love reading so it should be good. Thanks again.

  4. Extreme Rage

    I find this very interesting, is diabetes related to anger? if so i had no idea, i know of all the damage it can do to ones body but i had no idea it had any effect on our emotions, if there are any readings on this can someone point me in tha direction please.

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    Extreme Rage

    Hmmm... if it was okay in December, it probably won't have changed much. The kind of rage you describe is similar to diabetic rage, though, which is why I asked... not the only cause, of course.

    Did they just check glucose levels, do you know, or did they do a glucose uptake?

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    Extreme Rage

    Quote Originally Posted by Demonic Angel
    is diabetes related to anger
    Yes, it can be... there is a syndrome called "diabetic rage" which results from a sudden drop in blood sugars or even a gradual one to certain low threshold.

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    Extreme Rage

    I dont really know what tests they did to check as i was unconcious but the dr told my gf and family that i didnt have diabetes when they checked.

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