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  1. Hello everyone :0)

    I just joined today. I'm female, 34 years old, and I suppose the reason I joined is beacuse I've had an irrational fear that has plagued me for pretty much my whole life, even as a young child.

    I've done some self-searching and this has shed a bit of light on my problem, but the fear is still there and lately it has become acute.

    I will elaborate more in the fears & phobias room once I have thought a bit more on what I want to say, but right now I just want to say hello and nice to meet you all, and I'm glad I've found this place where I can finally talk about my fear freely.

    Thanks everyone :0)


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    Hello everyone :0)

    Welcome. :)

  3. Hello everyone :0)

    Thanks Janetr :0)

  4. Hello everyone :0)

    Good to have you with us, emb88. :o)

  5. Hello everyone :0)

    Thank you ThatLady - glad to have found you guys!

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    Hello everyone :0)

    Glad you joined us, emb88!

  7. Hello everyone :0)

    Thanks HeartArt!



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