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    Cocaine and other substances

    My name is Jeff,

    I would firstly like to say hello to everybody.Now lets get down to the nitty gritty,my experiences started with drugs at the age of fourteen,i am now thirty and still recovering.I started with solvents then progressed to LSD, cannabis, Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines, Tricyclics, Psilocybin, Ketamine, MDMA, Heroin, Crack, Cocaine and Alcohol... Pheeew what a list,and amazingly i`m still here,oh and i forgot, Methadone.No there is more, Mescaline cactus, Kratom and Amanita Muscaria.Now only those with the knowledge would know what all of these substances are and their effects on mind and body.I think of myself as an intelligent person that curiosity got the better of at a young age,i was obssesed with the world of chemicals and the history of use from ancient cultures to modern day recreational use to the underworld of addiction.I am surprised that i`m still here and that i haven`t lost my mind completely,and i say completely with emphasis,i have seen heaven and hell and all that lies between.Now at this present time i`m clean,thats a strange term as i never felt dirty so i`ll say not using,i still consume at times more Alcohol than i would like but that is something that i`m working on,i visit an holistic therapy centre which is really laid back and complementry to my needs and the needs of many others with a wide spectrum of lifes problems.

    Why am i writting this post you may be wondering and for what help and give as much advice through my own experiences as possible to those who need it,from someone who has not learnt through a text book but who has been there and really can have some empathy and undrerstanding of there matters.I`m not an academic and have little qualifications,a little knowledge is dangerous,my knowledge is huge in this area...i`m now pursuing a career in substance abuse counselling as i think this is where my path lays,to give something back to put some good use to all of the years of abuse that i endured.Many friends i have lost and i still see those who are caught up in the web of abuse.Relationships have failed and hearts broken,chemical abuse and the reasons for have a lot to answer for.

    I hope this has been intresting and can be of some benifit.

    All the best to everyone Jeff

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    Cocaine and other substances

    Welcome, Jeff. I'm sure there are those here who can benefit from the experience you have to share. I'm glad you're here with us. :o)

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    Cocaine and other substances

    Thank you Thatlady,
    I have been made to feel very welcome here and that means a lot to me,i sincerely hope that i can be of some use,i hope my life that i used to lead has not been a waste.

    In others i see myself and with that knowledge comes a better understanding of the world in which i live and share.

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    Cocaine and other substances

    Others have come from a life history like yours, Jeffrey, and done just what you aim to do... use their experience to help others back on the path to health.

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    Cocaine and other substances

    Welcome, Jeff!

    Tonight I saw a presentation from a woman who is 52 and she talked about her life story and her recent two year absence from drug and alcohol addictions. It is so amazing to me to see people like you who have the courage to come back and help others. She is now employed by the treatment centre she has been receiving help from for the past 4 yrs and about to go to University to work on a Social Work degree.

    It's a pleasure to have you with us.


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    Cocaine and other substances

    It`s amazing what positive responses can do for self esteem,thanks folks.
    I know at the moment i am still a bit raw and will have to learn to walk again before i start running,the possibilities are endless and the world my oyster...scary stuff but staying focused and positive on my goals i can achieve whatever i set out to do,time to turn things around and with the right help and guidance i can become of use in life.




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