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I am Psychology Doctoral student in Palo Alto, CA and am running a research study on cultivating sacred moments in daily life for the purpose of helping people reduce stress and increase well-being.

Here is a further explanation of the project

The fundamentals of the study include creating a way to cultivate meaningful or peaceful moments in daily life. The actual study will take 3 weeks where the participant will be involved in doing a brief mindfulness or writing activity for 5-10 minutes a day for 5-7 days a week for 3 weeks. The experience of this study may not only provide the participant with a technique to create more of these moments in daily life for the purpose of reducing stress and increasing well-being, but also be an incredibly generous contribution to many others who can benefit from this material.

For more information... please check out http://sacredmomentstudy.blogspot.com

I want to thank you in advance for considering this study. Please feel free to comment here on daily moments in your life that you have considered to be sacred, precious, cherished, or blessed.

thank you,

Elisha Goldstein
Doctoral Candidate