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    so very glad I found this

    This looks like a great community and place to get support. You all seem great. Names' Jan, I am a College Student. Not really sure what to say in the intro...perhaps about my therapy history etc?

    This past year was my first year ever in therapy. I believe that it has really helped me. I am a bisexual currently in a long term relationship with my girlfriend. I used to cut, but recently got on meds and was helped by my therapist. Her name is Karen, and most of the posts I make will unfortunately be about her. becuase I love her (or something), and she is leaving me quite soon. 8 more sessions I believe... Ugg. I am not going to get started...this is only an intro!

    So...yay for meds, yay for therapy, and YAY for this community!

    blue skies,

  2. so very glad I found this

    Welcome, hon. We're glad you're here. :o)

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