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    Christian counselling

    I am having a ridiculously difficult time finding the requirements for becoming a counsellor.

    I'm also somewhat worried my sister is seeing an unqualified christian counsellor, as she is being told that I am living in sin (with my boyfriend), and that I will go to hell. If she is not careful, she will follow as well.

    Also, he is trying to enlist her help in converting me, and when I met him, stated that my private journals were offensive to my parents, and I should not be writing in them the things I wrote in them.

    I suppose this looks as if it is becoming a personal vendetta, but I am really just shocked that this person is counselling my rather impressionable 13 year old sister.

    I'm trying to find out his qualifications in hopes of convincing my parents to find someone a little better to be counselling them. It is my understanding, that even with christian counselling, a counsellor is not allowed to present his or her beliefs in the manner that this person is doing so.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the requirements necessary for this kind of position in Ontario? Also, who I would report this too? I'm assuming it is the Ontario College of Psychologists, but I am not entirely sure.

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    christian counselling

    You could try reporting it to the College of Psychologists of Ontario. They only have the power regulate Psychologists and Psychological Associates but they may be able to tell you where else you can get assistance.

    If he is a counsellor registered with any governing body (like Canadian Certified Counselors Association [name correct?]), he could be reported there.

    However, if he is not a certified counselor at all, there are currently no laws allowing him to call himself a counselor and give bad advice, unfortunately.

    What is his church? You might try complaining to the upper echelons there...

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    christian counselling

    I'm not sure of the name, but I know it is a baptist church in a small town near Lindsay.

    I'm currently asking him about his education and qualifications, to see if you know, maybe he doesn't have any, but he's not returning my calls.

    Anyway, I'll definitely contact the College of Psychologists. I'm not sure if he is certified at all or if there are any allowances in regards to the fact that he is a providing these services in a pastoral role.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    christian counselling

    There may be another route to take: What is he counselling your sister FOR or ABOUT? You may be able to challenge him on the basis that he doesn't have the credentials to do what he's doing, depending on the answers to those questions...

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    christian counselling

    Hmm, that's slightly too personal to be sharing on here. Would it be possible to email you?

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    christian counselling

    Sure... just click on the email button at the end of this post.



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